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Form I Weekly News 23rd May 2022

27th May 22

We came into school on Monday excited about the half-term holiday coming up, so we had a think about all of the things we are looking forward to doing and wrote them down for our class tree. These included going to the Waffle House, heading off the Greece, swimming in a Grandparent’s swimming pool and a few surprises! We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures after the holiday!

In English, we enjoyed listening to a funny story of the Queen’s Hat. We tried hard to write our own versions of the story, thinking of funny places the Queen’s hat might fly to.

In PE, Mrs Halliday left us super instructions on how to play cricket. We warmed up our bodies using the Bean Game, Cups and Saucers and also mobilising each of our joints!

We then worked in pairs to practise hitting the ball with the cricket bat, fielding and even using the wickets. We tried so hard and improved as the lesson went on.

After a long drink of water, we were ready to face our new challenge in PSHCE. We have been learning about a healthy, varied diet and eating the rainbow, so decided to try some colourful fruits and vegetables we hadn’t eaten before. We tested beetroot, celery, pink and white grapefruit, rocket, physalis and blood oranges. We discussed which part of the plants we would be eating, which included the roots, stems, leaves and fruit. We chatted to our partners when we were eating them, using super descriptive words. We discovered new foods we want to try again and some we definitely don’t!

In Art, we enjoyed looking at a collage of Queen Elizabeth’s head made up of flowers. We decided to make our own collaborative piece of art work by painting flowers using our colour mixing skills , oil pastels and felt pens. We can’t wait to see how pretty it looks!

On Tuesday, we took time to think of words with soft g in them and wrote a long list in our Activity Books.

In English, we finished writing our The Queen’s Hat stories, adding illustrations and a blurb. We then enjoyed the story of The Queen’s Handbag by the same author. This time the Queen’s hat travelled all around Great Britain!

We then leapt out into the tiny bit of spring sunshine for a quick Skipping Workshop.

In Phonics, we enjoyed reading and writing Mini Phonics books with Mrs Chapman and playing Forest Phonics on the smartboard using alternative sounds, ie ay, igh and ur.

In Science, we used a non-fiction book on plants to find out what the roots, stem, flower and leaves do for plants. We thought first of all in our heads, discussed with a partner and then shared with the group (think, pair, share). We had such great ideas and managed to work out most of the functions for the plant’s parts. We then quickly labelled a plant, before looking up an experiment involving vascular tubes in a plant’s stem. We dyed water three colours and put cut flowers into each beaker. We are going to keep a close eye on them and see if the stem can move the water up the vascular tubes to reach the flower and dye the petals.

On Wednesday, we loved learning about spread sheets with Miss Smith and thought of so many uses for them, including planning a party, writing a shopping list and many more! We enjoyed making a spread sheet of our own.

On Thursday we were very excited to hear that there was a handwriting competition in the school! The results are published on Sports Day.  Mrs Weir showed us the poem that we would be copying and how to use a line guide to ensure our writing was straight.  We were very careful to try to form all of our letters correctly and place them correctly on the page.  Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews were very impressed with our writing and hope to see writing as splendid as this going forward!

We then made and decorated some jubilee biscuits ready to eat on Friday morning during snack time! The biscuits were shaped as crowns and we enjoyed putting yummy toppings on to make them look like jewels!

In our Humanities lesson we learned about Olympic medals and medals from other competitions.  Mrs Weir told us about how the athletes stand on a special podium to receive their medals and that only certain placed athletes receive a medal.  We then went on to make our own medal, either a bronze, silver or gold one!

On Friday morning we were all very excited to start the Jubilee celebrations! The girls made some crowns during the morning, ate their biscuits together whilst watching the Queen’s coronation and practised their songs ready for the celebration on the field in the afternoon!

We also had a try at drawing our own corgi dogs!  We used the Draw with Rob website to help us and we all drew an amazing corgi which Mrs Weir has stuck on our classroom door!

We proudly paraded around the field in the afternoon with our special pin badge, crowns and flag, and sung beautifully for our families, friends and relations.  What a lovely way to end the half term!

Enjoy the holidays everyone and we look forward to hearing your news when we return on June 6th!

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