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Reception News 20th May

20th May 22



We have definitely had to wear our sunhats everyday this week as the weather has been beautiful!  We have really enjoyed our playtimes and outside CHIL times.  At playtime we have also been spotting lots of different plants and bugs and have had great fun building a bug hotel in the corner of the field.

We have been learning all about the different parts of plants and how important plants are for our planet so this week we decided to become scientists and look at different ways to try to grow fruits and vegetables by collecting seeds or by using the parts that would usually be thrown away. We have been collecting seeds from our watermelon slices at breaktime and have planted them in some soil. We have put the bottom ends of some spring onions in some water and we are hoping they may start to sprout. We have put the tops of some carrots in a little bit of water to see if they will grow any leaves. We are observing and checking these everyday to see if they need any more water or if we can observe any signs of growth.

We have also planted some runner bean seeds in our mini greenhouses that we designed and made.   We have attached these to our classroom window to catch the daylight and heat up our greenhouses.

Miss Smith brought the ipads for our computing lesson this week . We spent the lesson working on an app called teach your monster to read.  The girls have created and named their own monster and are then able to work independently reading instructions, answering questions and recognising sounds and digraphs.  When they succeed they are rewarded with stars which they can use to buy accessories for their monster!

In Maths we have continued to look at money and also started to talk about the concept of time.  We went on a hunt around school to find objects that would help us know what time it was. We found a clock in the classroom, in Form I, in the office and in the dining room.  We spotted that the number 12 was at the top on all of the clocks.  We went out to the orchard but couldn’t find a way of telling the time until we spotted that Mrs Hughes was wearing a watch!  While we were in the corridor we bumped into Mrs Taylor and Mrs Tull who both had a watch on too.  Suddenly we heard a noise, it was coming from a tall wooden object near Mr Sayers office. We went to investigate and discovered the Grandfather clock. We counted the bongs and learnt that it was 11 o’clock!

Mrs Hughes read us a book that Claudia brought in. It was called The Queen’s Hat!

We finished the week by finding out which House we each belong to . Lancaster is red, Warwick is yellow and York is green.  We all put on a house t-shirt and spent the afternoon cheering or houses at the House Music competition.  York were the winners overall.

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