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Form I Weekly News May 16th

17th May 22

We were excited to become Non-fiction detectives on Monday. We explored a fascinating non-fiction book on plants looking at the contents, index and glossary. We found out lots of super information about plants using the different ways in which we can look things up.

In PSHCE, we learnt about eating a rainbow of foods, including fruit and vegetables. We found out that different fruits and vegetables include lots of different vitamins which help our bodies be the healthiest they can be, including Vitamin C to help ward off colds and vitamin A to help our eyesight. We decided to make delicious lollies using just raspberries, natural yoghurt and a tiny bit of honey which would give our bodies vitamins and energy. We couldn’t wait to eat them the following day in the sunshine. Find the recipe here!

In Mathematics, we loved trying to fill in missing numbers in simple sums, ie 2+_=5. We learnt to bring the number after the equals sign to the front, change the sign to subtraction and pop the second number in, 5-2=3. We loved using the challenge cards together and are quickly gaining confidence with them.

In Science, we discussed the parts of a plant we eat when we have our fruit and vegetables and learnt so many new facts, including peas are in fact the seeds of a plant, rhubarb is the stem, broccoli is the flower and cabbage is the leaves. We sorted them into different groups together.


On Tuesday, we quickly set to work on some missing number sums in our Activity Time. We then joined the whole school in an amazing French assembly with Madame Knight, Miss Smith and Mrs Matthews. We laughed so much at all of the funny tales from the trip.

In our Skipping Workshop, we enjoyed continuing to learn how to skip and even had a go using a few skipping songs. We earnt our raspberry lollies!

In English, we put our detective skills to the test by reading and finding answers to lots of different questions using the contents, index and glossary of different plant books, including Killer Plants!

In Art, we tried so hard to weave with paper, making beautiful spring weavings. We persevered and definitely found it easier than our winter weaving!


We ended the day with a spot of gardening, planting beetroots and weeding our garden.

Wednesday was a busy day with Music, PE, a fun quiz on the ipads, practising our Jubilee Celebration songs and Computing with Miss Smith. We enjoyed playing a fun animal game with Madame Knight and one of our friends who had been poorly, enjoyed the lolly we saved for her in the sunshine!

On Thursday morning Mrs Weir challenged us to a guessing game in our Maths lesson.  We found the home corner puppet theatre was being used as a screen and one at a time we had to go behind the screen, choose a shape (either 2D or 3D) and either describe the shape to our friends or answer questions about the shape from our friends.  It was great fun!

In English we had a look at dictionaries and the alphabet.  We used the alphabet on the wall to help us learn about how to find words in the dictionary and then Mrs Matthews took a group to find more words independently.  Mrs Weir worked with a group putting a list of words into alphabetical order too!

We are still working hard with our housepoints too!

In the afternoon we continued with our Olympic themed topic by taking a look at some of the flags that you may see whilst watching the Games.  We chose one of the flags we liked and drew it to make our own representation.

On Friday morning we had our weekly spelling test and our listening task.  Mrs Weir read out instructions to us to complete a drawing on a piece of paper.  We found that if we didn’t listen carefully the drawing went very wrong quite quickly!

In Maths Mrs Weir taught us about fractions! We related it all to cake and everyone found it remarkably easy!  The girls were able to write down fractions using numerators and denominators and also use the correct language to describe how much cake had been eaten!

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to watch the older girls in the school perform in the House Music competition.  We wore t-shirts of our house colours and we were a great support to our team members!


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