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Reception News 13th May

13th May 22

What a wonderful week we have had!

During Maths we have started to look at the coins in our purses.  We have been thinking about many words and their meanings such as money, coins, cash, pence, pennies, cost, value, bank, notes and paying.  Did you know that there is a picture of the Queens head on all of our coins and notes?  We had fun trying to find her!  We learnt how to describe a 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coin.  A 1p coin is small, round and bronze in colour whereas a 10p coin is big, round and silver.  We also learnt that the letter ‘p’ is short for the word penny and that each coin had a different value or a different amount of pennies in it.  We practised tapping the coins to show how many pennies they were worth.  We enjoyed playing games on the board, games on the carpet and going shopping in the Flower Shop and Garden Centre!  We are getting pretty clever and are beginning to understand how to add the value of each coin together to make the correct amount when we are shopping.

We have been studying and investigating flowers and their structure more closely. We took apart a few flowers to see what some of the different parts looked like and then used some collage materials to make and label our own flowers.  We labelled the roots, the stem, the leaves, the petals and the seeds.

Wednesday was renamed ‘Visit to Mrs Collister’s Garden Day’.  It was a little wet but we didn’t mind as we know how important rain is to help the plants grow and stay healthy.  We set off after lunch with a Tally chart with various objects that we had chosen to keep an eye open for both in the general area and in Mrs Collister’s Garden.  We spotted all sorts of trees, blossom, plants and flowers aswell as seeing some birds and we recorded these on our charts. When we reached Mrs Collister’s Garden we had a good look around and each chose a plant or flower to make a detailed observational drawing of.  We also had time for a drink and snack before heading back up the Nicky line on our way back to school.  Thank you very much Mrs Collister for allowing us to visit your garden!

We had great fun during our time in the library on Thursday.  After listening to a rhyming book called ‘Oi Duck-Billed Platypus’ by Kes Grey and Jim Field we had time to play a game of The Bear in the Honeypot.  We took it in turns to be the bear and had to use our listening skills to find the honey!

Maisie came to visit us this week .  After we had made sure we she had had some food and water we decided to play a few games with her.  We asked her to sit, to lie down, to give us her paw and our favourite one is middle.  When we say middle she walks under our legs!

We ended the week on Friday by doing some cleaning.  One of the painting easels was covered in paint so we filled a bucket with soapy water, collected some brushes and got scrubbing!

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