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Nursery Weekly News 9th May 2022

13th May 22

On Monday morning we began our learning all about ‘Endangered Animals’. We learnt that some animals are losing their habitats in rainforests, jungles and the Arctic. Some of us cut down some ‘trees’ where the monkeys were living using scissors. We realised that now the monkeys had no where to live and they might become endangered or even extinct. We also did a little quiz and learn about other endangered animals including gorillas, leopards, blue whale and a pangolin.

In French we learnt French words for our body parts and sang ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. We listened well and tried really hard to repeat all the new words. Pre-Nursery shared the story ‘Walking in the Jungle’ and used some lovely language talking about the story and their thoughts. We then acted out the story using a Sticky Kids CD.

The Nursery children enjoyed sharing their ‘core books’ with their teachers using some lovely story language to share some new concepts. Well done Nursery.

Today was wobbly ‘jjjj’ day in phonics. We listened to a story all about Jane and her jelly and had great fun wobbling like jellies. We were amazing recapping all our Phonic sounds and making the actions too.

In PE the Nursery children enjoyed some ball skills trying to carefully roll balls towards targets. We then tried to hit our balls with a cricket bat. We then had to chase the ball and repeat the action.

We spent more time today on our listening and speaking skills looking at Easter holiday news on Tapestry. Our friends explained what they were doing in their photos and then we asked questions.


We enjoyed lots of play looking at the features of different endangered animals and there was lots of fun both inside and outside in ChIL

On Wednesday we visited the Arctic! We learnt that much of the ice is melting due to something called global warming. We realised that as the ice melted as the Earth got hotter the poor polar bears would lose the environment in which they live. We did an experiment in our adult led activity using a hair dryer to warm up the planet. We predicted that the ice would start to thaw and melt and soon the polar bears only had water to swim in and no where to sleep and rest. We felt quite sad and are going to make sure that we do our bit to keep our planet safe.


We really enjoyed our library time today selecting books ourselves to look at quietly on our own or with a friend or teacher. We then enjoyed a story from Mrs Houten about a little girl called Lulu and her garden.

We also shared the last of our Easter news hearing all about a trip to Disney world Paris and a coincidental meeting on the Eurostar. Thank you for all the lovely news the boys and girls really learn a lot listening and talking together.

In our adult led activity on Thursday we thought more about the endangered animals in our world. We decided that we would like to draw some using our shape knowledge, our good pencil control and our knowledge of the features that different animals have. The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed roller painting using stencils of various animals.

Pre-Nursery enjoyed a fun music session with Mrs Tull and Mrs Hogan. The Nursery children talked more about road safety and learnt a song about a Lollipop Person, Arlo held the lollipop and helped us all safely across the road. The Pre-Nursery enjoyed using the musical instruments marching around to the Grand Old Duke of York and other Nursery rhymes. Afterwards they had fun with the finger puppets exploring number songs.

On Friday Lily rabbit told us that she had seen some endangered animals around the school! We turned into explorers and tried to find them, Each time we found one we looked at their characteristics and thought about where they lived. We then pretended to be each animal. It was great fun!

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