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Form I Weekly News 9th May

13th May 22

On Monday in English we really enjoyed sharing the story of The Bad Seed by Jory John. We pretended we were the author and wrote our own blurb. We then went back and became detectives, checking our work for mistakes.

In Mathematics, we worked hard adding and subtracting numbers. We included adding and taking away 10 using the 100 square.

In PSHCE, we learnt what it means to have a healthy diet. We learnt more about the different food groups and how it is really important to have a varied diet. Can you remember the five main food groups?

In Science, we learnt about what it means to be living and discussed the things that all living things do, ie breath, eat, reproduce. We loved planting our own radish seeds to see if we can grow them over the next few weeks.

On Tuesday, in Mathematics we enjoyed a challenge of picking numbers and working out 10 more and 10 less than them. We also practised using number lines to help us add and subtract.

We enjoyed our first Skipping Workshop today. We learnt how to get the right length of skipping rope and had our first go at skipping together. Mrs Matthews showed off some impressive skipping skills which she learnt when she was at St Hilda’s!

In English, we loved watching The Bad Seed come to life on the smartboard. We thought of the personality traits the bad seed had when he was bad and then when he became a good seed. Mrs Bishop was so impressed with our work she wants to display it in the classroom!

In Phonics, we enjoyed a quick game of phonics snap using the tricky alternative sounds.

In Art, we enjoyed painting the Bad Seed for our display.

It was Board Game Wednesday to start the day.

In Mathematics, some of us tried to use crossing 10 to help us work out addition problems.

In Computing, we learnt a lot about technology and how we used lots of it in our school and homes.

On Thursday morning Mrs Weir had made some errors in her writing and set the girls the task of identifying the errors and correcting them! The girls were looking for capital letters for the start of sentences and names, full stops or exclamation marks and finger spaces.

In Maths we revisited telling the time, looking at o’clock, half past and quarter past times.  Some girls made these times themselves on the handheld clocks, some played clock bingo and others learned how to tell the o’ clock and half past times in digital format!

In the afternoon Mrs Weir taught the girls about the importance of the Olympic Torch and where and why it travels before an Olympic Games ceremony.  She also showed some photos of her children and sister holding the Olympic Torch in 2012!  The girls then went on to make their own Olympic Torches to add to the classroom display!

On Friday morning we continued with our telling the time quest! The girls were able to convert analogue time to digital time and record it too on a whiteboard! This made Mrs Weir’s day!! Such clever girls!

In our English lesson we had our weekly spelling test (with amazing results from everyone!) and Mrs Weir introduced the new spellings and pattern for next week of ‘or’, ‘au’ and ‘aw’.  Tricky stuff! We also had a little look at some joined up handwriting and learned that when you write a word in cursive script you have to put the ‘arms’ on the letter ‘t’ after you have written the whole word!

Keep telling the time over the weekend girls!

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