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Reception News 6th May

6th May 22

We had such an exciting start to the week.  The older girls were having a BMX trick riding session but we were invited to a special assembly where we met a man called Mike who talked to us about how he used lots of positive thinking to help him learn to do tricks and stunts on his BMX bike.  We went onto the tennis court to listen to him and to watch him perform some of his stunts.  He even jumped over some of the teachers on his bike!

In Maths we have been finding doubles and trying to calculate and remember some of the double facts.  A double is when you have two of the same number and you add them together.  We  played lots of games finding doubles and practised both saying them and remembering them.

We have been beginning to investigate measuring and began by working out who was the tallest and the shortest in the class.  We then took it in turns to lie down on a piece of paper and measure from our head to our toes.  We used these measurements to paint giant flowers that are the same height as ourselves!

We have had great fun during CHIL playing in the recycling centre. This also led us to thinking about reusing equipment and we decided to do some maintenance and building too. Lucy even found a snail on one of the bricks!

On Friday Reva pulled Bethany’s name out of the silver tub. All the class had a think and then took it in turns to tell Bethany something that was special about her. Tilly the tiger is very excited to be going home with Bethany for the weekend!

We have been talking a lot both in class and in assembly about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Mrs Johnstone showed us all some photos from the last Jubilee in 2012.  It was the Diamond Jubilee. We saw lots of St Hilda’s girls having a big party on the field and we are hoping we will be doing something similar this year too. We have started learning a song called The Platinum Jubilee Song. We particularly like the chorus. We are hoping to sing it to you all at our Jubilee celebration afternoon in a few weeks!

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