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Nursery Weekly News 3rd May 2022

6th May 22

In Busy Fingers we enjoyed working with recycled materials to make models. We added detail to our models with feathers, beads, buttons and used paint and glue to stick them together. Mrs Radgman worked with lots of us playing games to recognise our phonic sounds. She was very impressed at how many we knew. We also enjoyed building structures, making repeating patterns and towers with Unifix and reading quietly in the book corner.

The Nursery children enjoyed learning their new sound ‘b’ and were really good at spotting all the items in the story that began with ‘b’. The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed parachute play outside. They worked together well and played ‘popcorn’ using their strong arms to shake all the balls out of the parachute.

In Chil this week we are strengthening our fingers and arms washing dolls and dolls clothes and then using pegs to put them on the line to dry. We really enjoyed doing this so can help out at home with the weekly washing.

We are enjoying sharing the Easter fun that the children had and today we listened to Leah tell us all about a wedding celebration and Emilia told us about riding on a camel in the desert.

We enjoyed  a busy Busy Fingers using our fingers to push feathers into holes in logs. Some of us worked on our Maths skills matching insects to the number of spots on ladybird stones. We are getting very good at counting one-to-one correspondence. We also worked hard on our drawing and mark-making skills making cards for our friends and families.

In our adult led activity we listened to the story ‘This is the Bear’. Our teachers told us that they were going to ask lots of questions about the teddy bears trip to the dump to see how well we could listen. We were amazing and each of us was awarded a ‘Happy Ball’ for being so attentive. Afterwards, the Pre-Nursery children enjoyed ChIL playing ‘Monsters’ outside, whilst the Nursery children sequenced the story making their own little books.

We looked at some more Easter holiday news from our friends, listening well and asking some questions. We then took the great climb up the stairs to the library for a cuddle with our toys and a story from Mrs Hughes.

On Thursday we all drew faces and wrote our names on paper. Our pictures are going to be made into a tea towel to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Our pictures are amazing, well done!

We learnt more about recycling today, decided which items that we had were plastic, paper, cardboard, food waste or rubbish. We sorted them all and thought about what could be made with recycled plastic. Some of our ideas were a new toy tractor, a dinosaur toy, a toy train and lots more. Our ‘Green Monitor’ did a great job today taking all our waste to the recycling bins.

Nursery had great fun with Mrs Lipman today in Music singing the new ‘Hello’ song and learning songs about walking, running and hopping. Pre-Nursery enjoyed sharing Nursery rhymes and songs adding percussion with different instruments.

In the afternoon with Mrs Hughes we finished our bird feeders using recycled milk containers. We had a great time and enjoyed hanging them up outside for the birds to enjoy.

Friday had arrived and another Welly Walk. This time we went on a paper chase. We ran around the school looking high and low to follow the paper chase trail. At the end of the trail Peter Rabbit had left us a lovely story to share called ‘Paper Dolls’. We enjoyed joining in with the repeating refrain and looking at all the different dolls faces. We realised that books were made out of paper and hoped that all the paper that we found would be made into a new book for some boys and girls.


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