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Form 1 Weekly News 6th May 2022

6th May 22

Tuesday, Mrs Matthews was very pleased to be back and see all the girls! The girls worked really hard on place value in Maths and in English we read Jim and the Beanstalk – a story set many years after Jack’s visit and the now very old giant, discovers that there are such things as glasses to help you see again, false teeth to be able to eat crunchy little boys again and a wig for a fine head of hair again! He rewards Jim with a giant gold coin. We wondered what we would buy with our gold coin. There were many Barbies, Squish-a-boo’s and lots of chocolate being purchased!

For Science we looked at our new topic of plants. We talked about what we already knew which is an impressive amount!

We then read the instructions on the back of a lettuce seeds packet (Mrs Matthews isn’t very green fingered!) and followed the instructions to plant them and hopefully to watch them grow.

On Thursday the girls looked carefully at how to measure and use a 15cm ruler.  We focussed on having the ruler the right way up, with the numbers 1-15cm at the top and found the ‘zero’ line where we have to start measuring from each time rather than the end of the ruler!  We then talked about how many cm in a metre and how tall we are!  We used the appropriate language to describe heights and on Friday we are going to measure everyone and compare our heights.

In English we used the book of the week ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’.  We watched a reading of the story on the whiteboard and Mrs Weir made us a lucky dip of comprehension questions to answer!

In Humanities we continued learning about the Olympic Games.  Mrs Weir told us about the main symbol of the Olympics, the Olympic rings.  We learned about what they symbolise and made our own out of pipe cleaners!

On Friday morning in assembly we were delighted to find out that we had won the Smartest Form trophy! Mr Sayers awarded it to us because he had noticed how grown up we had been this week with a change to our lunchtime routine! We are now going to the hatch and asking for our meals and carrying them back to the table rather than having them served at the table! We have managed this so well and our teachers are very proud of us!

We continued with measuring in maths and measured everyone’s height.  We were then able to write down the height using metres and cm! We placed our pictures in the correct height order and Mrs Weir put them up on display in the classroom!

Have a lovely sunshine and blue sky weekend!

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