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Reception News 29th April

29th April 22

We all arrived back with a smile and a spring in our step ready for our new term in Reception. We started the day with Assembly in the Hall with Mr Sayers.  This was very exciting as it was the first time we have been to a whole school assembly due to covid.

We also had our first experience of playing on the field with the whole school rather than being in our small bubbles.  We were so pleased to be able to play with not only our older sisters but also to begin to make many new friends from the older classes.

We spent the first morning catching up with all of our holiday news.  Some of us had been lucky enough to go away on holiday to Cornwall, Norfolk, Portugal, and Tenerife amongst other places. Whilst the rest of us had had a wonderful time at home spending time with friends and family.  The girls all wrote lovely accounts of their Easter Holidays in their writing books.

This term we have decided that we would like to learn about plants, flowers, growth and food.  We now have a garden centre and a flower shop in our classroom.  We have been using our imaginations to play and have been shopping for garden supplies, growing different seeds and bulbs, sorting flowers by both size and colour and reading some garden magazines to give us some garden design inspiration!

We have begun to create a new display on the wall which is based around us now being able to mix and play with the whole school. It is based around the words

‘ Friends at school are big and small. Friends at school are best of all.’

Matilda had the idea that we could paint flowers to make the display begin to look like a beautiful garden.  Then on Friday we wrote about  what a friend means to us.

During Maths we have been playing some games together. We have been matching, counting , ordering and sequencing numbers.

During Phonics we have enjoyed playing a game of popping the bubble phonemes.  We are getting very good at recognising that some of the sounds have more than one sound that they produce.

On Thursday the whole school took part in the Daily Mile Challenge.  We discussed how to pace ourselves by not sprinting but jogging and how to try to keep going.  We felt our hearts both before and after the run and were amazed at how fast they were beating after we had crossed the finish line. Claudia was the best cheerleader and really helped us all to keep going.  Bethany led the way and had both the stamina and perseverance to complete the full 16 laps needed to have run a whole mile!  The other girls were not far behind and we were super impressed with all of their running ability. Well done girls!

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