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Nursery Weekly news 26th April 2022

29th April 22

Welcome back Nursery, we missed you all.

We began our week working really hard in Busy Fingers. We enjoyed playdough, balancing monkeys on a tree and hedgehogs on each other during some fun games. Some of us painted hedgehog pictures, whilst others made models with the Popoids. We also spent time chatting to our teachers about our Easter holidays. You all had so much fun and we will enjoy looking at all your photos.

We then introduced our new topic ‘We love our Planet’. We looked at a beautiful sea scene and talked about all the animals that live happily in the sea and on the beach. We then closed our eyes and thought about our exciting outings to the beach. But oh no! When we opened our eyes the beach and sea had been polluted with plastic, paper, rope and old fishing nets. Some of the animals were struggling to free themselves from the rubbish. We learnt about pollution and recycling and thought about what humans should do with their rubbish. Our teachers then showed us our new role play recycling centre and we had great fun filling the recycling trolley and sorting the plastic and paper. Later in the morning we watched a great clip all about looking after our planet. What a great morning!

On Wednesday our teachers told us about our new indoor role play area the ‘English Woodland’. We are thinking about the woodlands that are disappearing as part of our ‘We Love Our Planet’ topic. We are going to enjoy playing in there with our friends. In Busy Fingers today we decided to make some hedgehogs out of clay, googly eyes and matchsticks. We are going to paint them when they are dry and have fun with them in the woodland.

In phonics we learnt our new sound ‘f’ and enjoyed listening carefully to the story. We had great fun making our ‘fffffffff’ noise. We also played ‘Phoneme Pop’ on the smart board, listening to the sound and popping the correct bubble. We had great fun, especially when Mrs Radgman sped it up!

The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed playing ring games outside. We listened well to our teacher’s instructions and enjoyed joining in and following all the actions. We did the ‘Okey Cokey’, ‘Farmers in the Den’, ‘Ring-a-ring a Roses’ and lots more. We also enjoyed a great library time hearing a story all about a frog. The frogs in our pond at school seem to have hopped off, but there are definitely some tadpoles in there.

We were ready on Thursday for a physical challenge running the Daily Mile. We all went down to the field where Mrs Halliday explained to us that sixteen laps of the running track was a mile. We decided as a team that we could run round three times, so off we went along with our teachers. Everyone completed the Daily Mile and our teachers were very proud of us.

We were busy in ChIL and Busy Fingers today and are enjoying being back with our friends after the Easter holidays.

In Music today we had two sessions. Mrs Tull led a session for Pre-Nursery exploring lots of different instruments and making different sounds with them. We played them quickly and slowly and quietly and loudly. The Nursery children went to the school hall for a Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. This term we have a topic all about road safety. We walked on a pretend pavement listening to some music and then had to listen for the sound of the crossing. Some of our friends pressed a bell, the green man came up on the screen and we crossed the road safely. We had great fun.

On Friday on our Welly Walk we discovered a disaster on the field! During the night lots of rubbish had been blown all across the field. We thought quickly about how to solve this problem and went to work collecting it all. We then sorted it into type and counted how many items we had, After all our fabulous work tidying up the school and caring for our world we listened to a funny story called ‘Michael Recycle’. We felt just like Michael the recycling hero after all our good work and ran a super hero lap of the field.

Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week to learn about, ‘Litter and Rubbish’.


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