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Form I Weekly News 26th April 2022

29th April 22

We were excited to be returning to school after a lovely Easter holiday.

We enjoyed joining the whole school for a special St George’s Day assembly with Mr Sayers and then heard some special animal news about a little fawn one of our friends found on her driveway and also new pet chickens and a cockerel mistakenly identified as a female chicken!

Afterwards it was straight to work introducing multiplication using the words ‘lots of’. We worked out number sentences looking at pictures of sets of animals and then worked out the answer counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10, for example 4 lots of 2 hamsters in a cage makes 8 hamsters altogether or 4 x 2 = 8

Afterwards, we enjoyed a gentle stretch with Jamie and Coco the Butterfly. We are really getting better at holding each yoga position.

We realised that one of our lovely friends was no longer in our class, so we decided to make her a special card to wish her lots of luck in the future. We are sure she will enjoy seeing our messages.

We finished the morning with a quick round of Phonics Bingo, reinforcing the trigraph ‘igh’. We even noticed a bug in the programme and thought we would tell Miss Smith on her return from France. The game missed one of our words out! We know we would have to do some coding to make the game work perfectly again!

In Art, we looked at lots of pretty blossom on The National Trust’s Blossom Watch. We found out that the artist Damian Hirst has painted blossom using little dots in his art work called ‘Politeness’. We had a go at using dots to make our own blossom trees and know they will look beautiful hanging up in our classroom. We love Spring!

Wednesday was Puzzling Wednesday. We worked hard with our friends to put together some tricky puzzles.

In Mathematics, we recalled how to multiply amounts using ‘lots of’ and had a go working out simple problems independently.

Keep practising counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 at home as this will really help us to multiply!

In Computing, we learnt about keeping safe online when using our tablets and iPads. We made simple posters to explain online safety to other children.

In Phonics, we learnt about hard and soft c, for example hard c in ‘cap’ and soft c in ‘nice’. The rule is if c is followed by i, e or y, it is a soft c and sounds like ‘s’. We sorted words into two groups according to which c they had in them.

On Thursday morning Mrs Weir set us a task for the term to improve our listening skills! We practised this in two different ways.  Firstly we used a whiteboard and pen to write down a friend’s news from the Easter holidays trying really hard to remember the key points.  Some girls could remember all of the information and others could remember the highlights!  After this Mrs Weir gave us a robot picture.  She read out 12 instructions about how to decorate the robot and the piece of paper! For the first attempt Mrs Weir was very impressed!

In Maths we revisited the topic of ‘Money’.  We were set the challenge of making different amounts with limited coins that they may have in their purse when shopping! Everyone tried to make a different way of making 25p and we found there were many many ways! We then started to work on the concept of ‘giving change’.  We will have another try at this in our lesson on Friday.

In the afternoon, Mrs Weir introduced is to our new topic for the term – The Olympics.  We learned about the first Olympic games and some of the sports that people participate in during the competition.

In RE we chatted together about churches and Christianity.  We learned that churches are special places for people who believe in Christianity and some girls shared their experiences of being at Sunday School.

Have a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend!



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