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Reception News Friday 1st April

27th April 22

This week has been all about spotting things and keeping our eyes peeled for the unusual.

We have been keeping an eye on the school pond for the past few weeks and this week were delighted to see that some frogs have decided to visit.  We have been checking for any changes each day. On Monday we spotted the first couple of frogs. Then by Tuesday we could hear them before we saw them and we counted ten frogs in the pond but this was also the day that we first saw some frogspawn. It looked like blobs of dark grey jelly in a big pile. We are hoping that after Easter we will have lots of tadpoles!

After checking the pond each day we seemed to become inspired to imagine that we were all sorts of animals during our play.  We were dogs learning tricks, cats in a cafe and horses!

We had fun making a class book to give to Miss Humphris who is getting married over the holiday.  We wrote lots of messages hoping that she has a nice husband, a tasty cake, a pretty dress, a baby, a holiday and that she doesn’t fall off the mountain! Some of us even built a hotel for Miss Humphris to stay in.

Other exciting news this week has been the build up to Easter.  We made some Easter baskets and much to our excitement over the last few days of term little felt eggs, decorations, chicks and even a couple of chocolate bunnies appeared but all at different times! We don’t know where they came from but some of us were sure we had seen some bunny footprints!

On Thursday afternoon we had an Easter Egg hunt organised by FOSH. Thank you very much to everyone on the committee for such a fun event.


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