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Nursery Weekly News 31st March 2022

31st March 22

A group of children holding their Easter Eggs

We began this week with a very exciting Chil when we discovered that the pond was full of frog spawn and lots of frogs. We really enjoyed watching them as they swam, dived, hopped and played piggy back with one another. We were interested to learn about the lifecycle of a frog.

We will watch the development of the frog spawn, froglets and frogs over the course of this week and hope to learn even more about them.

We are also learning about Easter this week. Mrs Radgman asked us what we knew about Easter and lots of us were able to talk all about the Easter Bunny coming to visit us and leaving us chocolate eggs. We couldn’t work out why the bunny did this, but then one of our friends remembered that there is a new life inside an egg. We thought about chicks, ducks, geese, turtles and even dinosaurs that started their life inside an egg. We then realised that giving eggs to each other was to celebrate the new life of Jesus and that is why we celebrate Easter.

We enjoyed a great Phonics lesson on Tuesday morning learning our new sound ‘l’. We have learnt so many sounds now and some of us are starting to blend sounds together to make simple words that we can share with Inky Mouse. Well done Nursery. Pre-Nursery enjoyed more activity in their music session learning some new Sticky Kids songs.

On Wednesday in our adult-led activity we had a closer look at the frogs spawn. Mrs Radgman carefully took some out of the pond and we took it in turns to look carefully at it in the classroom. We described the wobbly texture as being like jelly or like bubble mixture. We even tried to count how many bubbles and eggs we could see but it was impossible. We also enjoyed making some pond and frog spawn pictures in our Busy Fingers session.

The Nursery children enjoyed a very active PE lesson on the field with Mrs Halliday and Mrs Hughes. We had great fun running around collecting balls and running to put them in buckets. We love our PE lessons.

The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed a fun music session withy Mrs Houten and Mrs Radgman learning how to play different instruments and how to play them in different ways, including loudly, softly, quickly and slowly. We reformed the Nursery band and had great fun.

We were so excited on Thursday for our Easter Egg Hunt. We all tried to get ourselves ready as independently as we could and just as we were about to go outside it snowed. Wow! We rushed around in the flurry of snow collecting eggs. When we found one for ourselves we then helped a friend to find one. We had such fun and were very polite and said ‘Thank You Easter Bunny’.

We hope that you have lovely Easter holidays and we look forward to hearing your news on Tapestry.

The Nursery Team.

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