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Form I Weekly News 21st March 2022

25th March 22

We were excited to be thinking ahead to Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday when we arrived in school on Monday. We found out that Mother’s Day first started many years ago when people went to the biggest church in the neighbourhood and went to the ‘Mother Church’. We thought of lots of different ways we can help our Mummies on Sunday and came up with sixteen things we can do! Fingers crossed we can remember all of them on Sunday! We took time thinking of things we love about our Mummies and wrote them in a simple card, before ending the session with a story of The Night before Mother’s Day.

In Art, we explored paper using papier mache. We discovered this was a very sticky business! We decided to attempt to make Easter nests using ceramic bowls to papier mache around.

Tuesday was our penultimate swimming lesson at Aldickbury School. We got straight to work thinking of reasons why we love our Mummies and finishing some beautiful flower wreaths before heading off.

We all did so well in our swimming lesson, making good progress with our listening, swimming strokes, floating and going under the water. Well done girls!

The afternoon was a hive of industrious making, with biscuit decorating and painting backgrounds for our Mother’s Day cards.

Wednesday was Puzzling Wednesday. We worked well together to help each other make puzzles.

In English, we wrote a simple message to our Mummies in Shared Writing and then made our own labels to add to our special present. We can’t wait to give them to our Mummies on Mothering Sunday.

In Computing, we tried so hard to use the BeeBot app on the ipads. It was so challenging as the difficulty increased with every level, but we persevered so well.

In Art, we loved drawing and cutting hearts for our Mother’s Day cards.

We ended the day with a lovely stretch with Jamie and the Butterfly in Cosmic Kids. Phew! We really needed that after a few busy days in the spring sunshine!


On Thursday we learned about another explorer Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.  We found out that he was the first person to sail around the world all by himself without stopping! We thought about how he must have felt and wrote postcards home to our families pretending we were on the journey.  Mrs Weir had interviewed Sir Robin earlier in the year and we listened to the questions and answers from the interview!  We found out about what he ate, what wildlife he saw, how he knew where he was going, how he went to the toilet – which was very different from the astronaut’s method, we heard about some terrible things that happened along the way and how he got water to drink!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummies out there!



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