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Form I Weekly News 14th March 2022

18th March 22

Form I had a busy morning practising our Class Assembly.

In the afternoon in Science, we enjoyed working on a puddle experiment. We knew there not going to be any puddles outside as the weather was dry and sunny, so we made our own puddles using a watering can. We measured the puddles and tried to work out what might happen to the water. We predicted that the water might soak into the ground or evaporate into the air. We explored the water cycle back in the classroom and then went back out to observe the puddle. We discovered the water had disappeared. We discussed why we thought this had happened and decided the ground must have been porous! We decided that we will carry out the experiment again another day, using a tray!

On Tuesday, we quickly got ready for swimming and enjoyed an ‘ay’ word search.

We then jumped onto a coach to Aldwickbury School for our fourth swimming session. We all listened carefully to our swimming teachers and we have all improved at using our kicking legs, stretching arms and floating. Well done girls. We’re really impressed with you all.

A quick practise of our Class Assembly and the day was over!

Wednesday was finally our Class Assembly morning! We were feeling nervous but excited about sharing it with our parents, but we all did so well! We spoke clearly and slowly, sang up and loved sharing our work. We are so proud of each other!

We celebrated our success with a Hero Connie the Caterpillar chocolate cake, a little look through some of the things we had shown in our assembly and Welly Wednesday on the field.

It was then back to work with Computing with Miss Smith. We loved making an extension to our Dear Zoo beebot mat.

In Phonics, we worked hard with our dictation and wrote super sentences in a comprehension activity. We then learnt about an alternative sound for ‘f”  – ‘ph’ We can find this in words such at elephant, nephew and alphabet. We loved going on a hunt around the school looking for real and made up ph words. We found lots of funny ones!

On Thursday morning we had our spelling test (instead of on Friday!) which I think confused everyone! We had a muddled up day but the girls were working really hard, showing me how hard they had been working on their spellings, learning about ‘Capacity’ and then later in the day about Neil Armstrong!

The girls thoroughly enjoyed learning about capacity in maths!  We used language to describe the capacity of bottles and buckets and compared them to other bottles and buckets.  We talked about why we needed to measure liquids and the girls thought that measuring medicines and measuring for recipes were the most important reasons!  Good thinking girls!  We also then had a quiz with multiple choice answers to further our understanding!  Great fun!

In Humanities we started to learn about Neil Armstrong and discovered that his footprints may still be on the moon even though he went there even before Mrs Weir was born! The girls watched a super clip on You Tube of a lady astronaut telling us about life in space!  The girls learned about how astronauts use the special toilets, how they drink and how they sleep! They were astonished!!  If you wish to watch this clip again with the girls here it is below,

On Friday morning everyone was very excited to come to school in their red clothing for Comic Relief.  The girls all took part in the Daily Mile around the school track and were rewarded with a delicious cake!

We continued our work on Capacity in Maths taking it one step further and learned how to read a simple scale on the measuring cylinders.  The girls were able to pour in water to make a certain amount of ‘ml’ chosen by their partner! Amazing work girls!

We hope you all have a super ‘sunshiny’ weekend!



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