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Form I Weekly News February 28th

4th March 22

On Monday we quickly settled into class and took time to sort words with different ways to make the ‘ie’ sound.

In English, we enjoyed listening to The Proudest Blue, written by the Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammed. We found loved finding out about Asiya’s first day wearing her beautiful blue hijab. We wrote messages to Asiya encouraging her to be strong and proud and turned them into little paper boats, just like the ones in the story.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing a one more and one less game and then picking a number card and working out one more and one less in our books.

In PSHCE, we talked about bullying. We found out what it was and how it can make you feel. We talked about what we would do if it ever happened to us. Afterwards, we relaxed with Tommy the Bedtime Turtle and Jamie in Cosmic Kids Yoga.

In Art, we explored different types of paper. We found out how paper is made. We were fascinated by Curious Cat explaining how the bark is taken off, trees are ground by huge mill stones, water is added to make pulp and then the water is drained off. We used tissue paper to make simple sticky collage to turn into stained glass windows.

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. We celebrated by cutting pancake faces to decorate our windows, before jumping on to the coach and heading to Aldwickbury School for our second swimming lesson. We joined in really well, floating on floats, woggles, collecting hoops and kicking our legs in the water.


In the afternoon, we carried out our Science experiment; what is the best material to fix a hole in an umbrella? We tested the three fabrics we had chosen from last week; plastic bag, rainbow fabric and anorak. We predicted the plastic bag and anorak would be waterproof, but the rainbow fabric wouldn’t. We were right! The water from the watering can went straight through the rainbow fabric, luckily the sensible girl underneath positioned herself carefully and didn’t get soaked!

Wednesday was our first whole school assembly in nearly two years and we loved it!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing Shark Numbers, working out how many tens and ones were in each number up to 50. We then had a go on our own in our Maths books and worked really hard.

In Computing, we loved using our maps to help us to programme the BeeBots around the zoo with Miss Smith.

We had a busy afternoon with PE and French and went home excited for World Book Day!

On Thursday it was World Book Day! We spent the day listening to stories and hearing about our favourite characters from these stories!  We also enjoyed a dance workshop in the Seagull Studio where we acted out the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

On Thursday afternoon we were delighted to welcome the Form 2 girls to the classroom.  They brought the books with them that had the character in that they had dressed up as and they kindly read the stories to their Form 1 partner!  What fun!

On Friday morning we had an assembly with Mr Sayers.  We learned about Shirley Hughes and all of the books that she wrote and illustrated.  We realised that there are so many of them that we know really well! After assembly we had our spelling test and Mrs Weir told us about the new spellings for next week.

In Maths we found that Mrs Weir had tipped a whole box of coloured cubes all over the carpet!  She told us that we had to find out how many of each colour cube there were and taught us about Tally Charts.  We were then able to use the information in the tally chart to create our own bar graphs!

Have a lovely weekend!

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