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Form I Weekly News February 21st

25th February 22

Welcome back girls! We were delighted to be back together again in Form I.

In English, we loved listening to Finn’s Garden Friends; a story all about a little boy who moved from the countryside to the city to live with his Grandpa Sid. We worked hard in shared writing to write two complex sentences, including lots of alternative sounds, words with contractions, eg. couldn’t, tricky words and punctuation. Well done girls for such super sentence writing.

In PE, we enjoyed learning a new dance about raindrops with Mrs Halliday.

Mathematics was fun matching number names to twenty to numerals. Have a go at home here -

In Science, we explored lots of different fabrics including denim, wool, lycra, tissue paper, plastic, rainbow organza and anorak fabric. Mrs Bishop had a problem; her umbrella had a hole in it and we wanted to know which fabric would be best for her to use to fix it. We used pipettes and tested each fabric, making predictions beforehand. We discovered only two fabrics were waterproof so decided to test these out next week with a watering can and also try out the rainbow fabric. I hope we don’t get too wet!

We ended the day with a stormy story and some super postcards we had sent to Form I over the half-term holiday.

Tuesday was an exciting day date wise – 22.2.22. Mrs Matthews explained this date is very special as it’s a palindrome and also an ambigram, as well as one of our friend’s Birthday. Happy Twosday everyone!

We managed to fit in a quick bit of writing before we left for swimming. We thought about the things we love and made super hearts for our wooden class tree to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day.

We were delighted that our first swimming session was finally here. We all tried so hard to swim with and without swimming aids, listen and follow instructions. We all enjoyed the session so much.

In Art, we enjoyed watching Snail Trail on the smartboard, finding out a little more about Matisse’s colourful piece of art work ‘The Snail’. Have a watch here – We then went on to make our own version of The Snail by either ripping or cutting the paper. We can’t wait to see them on the classroom wall soon!

We ended the day with another super story about a little snail called Matisse; ‘Matisse’s Magical Trail’ and loved watching Matisse the Snail coming to life!

On Wednesday in English, we compared how Finn felt at the beginning of the story Finn’s Garden Friends and how we felt at the end of the story. We worked hard to write a simple comparison and were so happy that he felt better about living in the flat with Grandpa Sid in the city at the end of the story by visiting Grandpa’s allotment, bursting with nature!

We then stretched our bodies and calmed our minds with Frank the Frog in Yoga. Mr Sayers was so impressed with our moves when he popped by!

In Computing, we loved planning a route for our BeeBots around the zoo. We drew simple maps working so well in pairs alongside Miss Smith. We then programmed our BeeBots to follow the directions using coding.

In the afternoon in French, we enjoyed learning the months of the year and singing some traditional French songs with Madame Knight.

On Thursday morning we practised our sentence writing.  We thought about two things we had done in the half term holiday and took it in turns to tell our friends and teachers what we had been doing.  Then we used whiteboards to write these two sentences down.  Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews then encouraged us to re-read the sentences, checking our own work for mistakes.  We found that we had in fact made plenty of mistakes but initially believed we hadn’t! So we rectified the mistakes and then practised our reading our own work out aloud with a big voice to Mrs Matthews who was sitting at the other end of the classroom!

In Maths we continued with our Geometry topic of Time.  We recapped about hours, minutes, minute hands, hour hands and other clock related vocabulary and then furthered our learning by introducing ‘seconds’.  We talked about there being 60 seconds in a minute and then we guessed how many/much of an activity we could do in a minute! Great fun! As a whole class at the end of the lesson we estimated how many star jumps we would be able to do in 60 seconds! We managed 56 and then promptly collapsed!

In Geography we found out that there are 7 continents in our world and that although the sea is all around the land of the Earth, it is separated into named oceans! We found this very peculiar!  We talked about where we had been on holiday in different countries and continents and how we were able to manage this travel.

On Friday morning Mrs Weir introduced dictionaries to us! After we had learned that the alphabet was actually called the alphabet we saw that the alphabet was written down the side of the dictionary page to help us! We learned that we could find out what words meant and that we could search for them using our phonic knowledge and our knowledge of the order of the letters of the alphabet.  A few girls were concerned that it was a new activity and something that they hadn’t come across before so we had a chat all together about learning new things, trying, getting things wrong and trying again!

In maths Mrs Weir taught us about clocks and cake! We learned that we could in fact cut a cake into quarters (and not just a half!) and found that we could make some new times on the clocks! We can now read o’clock times, half past the hour times and quarter past the hour times! How grown up!

Just before lunchtime we escaped to the library for some comfy quiet reading time.  The girls are showing great maturity now whilst walking around the school, considering others and walking quietly whilst others are in their lessons learning.  Good work girls!


We wish you all a wonderful weekend and look forward to more fun and learning next week!



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