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Form I Weekly News 7th February

11th February 22

We were so excited to bring our amazing Home Learning recipe cards into school on Monday! We had such a brilliant range of sweet, savoury and breakfast foods. We were excited to share them with our friends.

In English, we enjoyed listening to Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street, which is part story book and part recipe book. We decided to write our own St Hilda’s version of the story and worked together in shared writing to write a simple introduction and end to the story.


In PE, we met a brilliant Tennis Coach Sam, from Batchwood and enjoyed a tennis lesson, practising our ball skills.


In PSHCE, we learnt a little more about medicines and why we have to be careful with them. We knew so much already, sharing facts about antibiotics, vitamins, probiotic drinks and previous illnesses we have had! We discussed what medicine is, why we have to be careful with medicines and worked with our talking partners discussing different scenarios regarding medicine safety.

In Science, we talked about the seasons and early signs of Spring. We know that February is the last month of winter and Spring will begin on the 2oth of March, but we have been noticing some early signs of the change of seasons. We noticed daffodils growing, hellebores, daisies and crocuses growing, buds on the trees including the magnolia tree, birds singing away in the trees and chatted about the longer days and warmer weather to come. We enjoyed recording our findings in our Topic books.


On Tuesday in English, we wrote our own pages for our recipe story book introducing our recipes. We can’t wait to see the whole book once all of the pages and photographs are stuck in!

As love is in the air during February, we loved stretching and relaxing along to Jamie’s Valentine’s Day special in Cosmic Kids.

In Mathematics, we worked really hard and managed to fill in a missing 100 square without using any tools to help us. We are really becoming more confident with larger numbers now.

We enjoyed a quick Phonics game, recapping the ‘oy’ digraph. We had to read and write the ‘oy’ words to make the frog jump over the lily pads to read the other side of the river before lunch time. We managed it just in time!

In Art, we enjoyed making patterns on hearts and also posing for our silhouettes to add to our Saidou Dicko pieces of art work.

We ended the day with another super STEM Show and Tell, made from wood and plastic. Such a lot of amazing detail!

On Wednesday, we were delighted to discover vanilla cupcakes in the classroom and we were invited to decorate them as we have been working so hard on our class recipe book all week in English which has been making us all very hungry for delicious treats!

We then had a photograph taken in front of our lovely school to turn into a cover for our ‘Lunch at 28 Douglas Road’ recipe book.

In Phonics, we tried really hard to read real and made up words with er and alternative spellings of er, including ir and ur. We had to read them and sort them into two groups; one for Bob the Bear and one for Ob the Alien.

We had a busy afternoon with PE, Music and French and enjoying our delicious cakes.

Before another amazing STEM Show and Tell, using cardboard, plastic and wood. A fantastic two-storey house!

We began the day on Thursday with a challenge to write down all of the things we could see on the whiteboard picture! Mrs Weir was very impressed at how many some of us managed to write down and how much better our letter formation and spelling is getting!  Afterwards we went to the hall for a Junior School assembly with Mr Sayers.  He talked to us about the Queen and why she is in the news at the moment.  We also sang a hymn and some girls received Head’s Commendation certificates for their achievements over the past few weeks.



Next on the agenda was learning about weight.  The girls used comparative language to describe the state of the weighing pans and also estimated how many cubes it would take to balance the scales for various classroom objects!

After break we started to learn about ‘Time Connectives’.  Following on from the recipe writing we had done earlier in the week we then used time connectives to write our own instructions for making a jam sandwich! Mrs Weir was very impressed with us!  Later on in the afternoon we made our own jam sandwiches following the instructions!

On Friday we had our final spelling test of the half term and Mrs Weir introduced us to the new spellings.  We will have the test for these on the first Friday back after the break.  We practised our handwriting and talked about all the punctuation we have learned abut recently including speech marks, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks!

In our library lesson Mrs Weir read some more of our class book Mr Stink while we relaxed with cushions and teddies! I think we are all very much ready for the half term break!

We wish you a wonderful week whatever your plans are and we look forward to hearing about all of the adventures upon our return to school!



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