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Form I Weekly News 31st January

4th February 22

We were excited that it was finally the last day of January! We came into school really quickly and had a little practise of our spellings to make it easier to retain them!

In English, we loved sharing a story called ‘Say Hello’ by Rachel Isadora. We learnt how to say hello in so many different languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Swahili, Japanese, Mandarin and Hebrew. We found out how speech bubbles are represented in our written work and wrote a few sentences from the story using them in the correct place.

In Mathematics, we tried so hard to work out missing numbers in the 100 square. We are starting to find it easier to explain our workings out now. We then filled in gaps on either number lines or the 100 square.

In PSHCE, we recalled what our mental health is. We thought about lots of ways we can improve our mental health. We thought of eating healthy foods and a more plant based diet, exercise, sleep, spend time with friends, try hard in everything we do and drink water. We watched a clip about the Five Pillars of Well-being and were so pleased we had managed to think of them all ourselves. Keep working hard to maintain excellent mental health girls.

In Science, we spent time writing up our experiment from last week. We recalled the aim of our Three Pig’s experiment, the method and the results. What a super first written experiment girls.

In French, we loved learning the days of the week and adding actions for each day. We danced and danced until we were exhausted!

Tuesday was Show Rehearsal morning. We enjoyed seeing the show coming together with Nursery, Reception and Form II.

In the afternoon, we tried really hard to make some more patterns like the artist Saidou Dicko.

We ended the day with a super STEM Show and Tell; a brilliant house for Little Miss characters using so many different materials, even featuring an aerial view photograph!

Wednesday was Dress Rehearsal Day! We loved putting out Love Bug outfits on and tried so hard singing and dancing along to all of the songs.

We came back into the classroom inspired by our Love Bug costumes and painted lots of hearts to make the stage look really beautiful.

We ended the morning with a super STEM Show and Tell using plastic Lego, which inspired us to find out how Lego is made. We enjoyed watching Maddie explaining it on the smartboard. Fascinating!


We enjoyed some well-earned Focused Play in the afternoon, relaxing and playing with our friends.

On Thursday morning there was great excitement as the girls came into the classroom!  The day of the Show had finally arrived!! The girls very sensibly got themselves changed into their Love Bug outfits and Mrs Matthews painted their faces! We had a final run through of the songs and dances and off we went into the hall to perform! And what a show it was!  The girls waited patiently until it was their turn to shine and then sang and danced beautifully! One more show to go tomorrow!

Later in the day we used the Smartboard to play a game using the 100 square.  Mrs Weir showed us how we could make patterns with the numbers on the 100 square if we counted in odds and evens or if we counted every third number etc! We then learned about positional language and answered Mrs Weir’s questions to find the numbers on the board.  We learned about using words to describe position such as below, above, in between, diagonally opposite etc.

On Friday it was an action replay of Thursday morning! We changed ready for the show and had our faces painted again.  We were fantastic again in the show and our teachers are so, so proud of how well we have done in our first big performance.  After the show we had our snack and a long outside play before our spelling test!

In the afternoon the girls had their Music and Dance lessons with Mrs Price and Miss O’Hare.  What a busy, busy week!

Have a super weekend and we look forward to a more ‘normal’ week next week!

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