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Form I Weekly News January 24th

28th January 22

We had another productive week in Form I. We practised our lower and upper case letters after a quick change on Monday morning.

In English, we enjoyed shared reading a different version of the traditional tale ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ which was based in Africa; ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’. We read the story and acted out the movements, before pretending we worked for The Week Junior Newspaper as a reporter and wrote a brief newspaper article about the two sisters trying to find a lion!

In PE, we tried hard to make up routines in Gymnastics.

In Mathematics, we recalled number bonds to 10 and then 20 and worked hard to work them out and write out different number bond sums in our Maths books.

In PSHCE, we learnt about different children being part of different religions, including Christianity, Judaism. Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam. We found out a little more about which special books each religion has, where people worship and what the children believe in. Lots of us were wondering if we belonged to a religion too! Have a chat about it at home.

After lunch, we enjoyed a quick Phonics recap of the digraphs which include a double sound, ie ss, ff, ll and tt. We played the Four Corner game outside listening to words such as ‘kitten’ and running to the digraph in the word.

In Science, we found out that the eldest of the Three Little Pigs was on the move; to the Maldives! He wanted to move to an island near India, but had heard that the weather can be stormy and rainy at times. We thought out about the types of materials we could use and which ones would be best in a storm. We built houses for the pigs and Mrs Bishop tested them out with an enormous fan! Some were definitely stronger than others! We will be continuing to work on this experiment next week.

Tuesday was Busy Books, so we thought of four words which end in the ‘ck’ digraph.

In Mathematics, we reminded ourselves how we add up and which techniques we can use to support us. We then discovered that addition sums are the same even if we reverse them, for example 11+5=16 and 5+11=16. We worked hard on a variety of addition sums, writing out the number sentences.

We stretched out our bodies and calmed our busy brains with Jamie from Cosmic Kids and The Great British Junior Bake Off yoga.

In English, we worked on different ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’ activities, including pretending to be a Journalist and writing our own newspaper report on the adventure and writing our own version of the story.

We finished the morning with a fun game of magic e bingo, reading words with i-e for example ‘pine’. We had such fun trying to get a full house, including the teachers!

In Art, we discovered a new artist we had never heard of, Saidou Dicko. He was born in Africa, but now lives in France. He is a self-taught artist, who discovered he loved drawing and painting when he was four years old. He used to draw shadows of the sheep he looked after as a shepherd. We loved looking at his artwork, which incorporates patterned backgrounds and shadow or silhouettes on the foreground. Have a look here We used lots of different sponges, stampers and shapes to make a simple pattern background, which we will add to next week before adding our own silhouettes. We think they will be very effective!

Wednesday was Puzzling Wednesday. We loved making lots of new puzzles with friends.

Mathematics was highly competitive! We worked in two teams with Mrs Matthews and Mrs Bishop, adding up robots up to 10 and then 15 using different strategies before our friends. We both won a round and can’t wait for another challenge very soon!

In Computing, we programmed BeeBots to deliver animals to their new enclosures from Dear Zoo with Miss Smith.

We knew it was National Compliment Day on Monday, so we decided to pretend to text each of our friend’s a special compliment via paper mobile phone! We loved the different compliments we all received and will definitely be complimenting each other again very soon!

The afternoon was spent at Forest School with Miss Sewell. We loved searching for birds in the woods to match our numbered nests, making clay woodland animals, making bird feeders and pictures using leaves. What a brilliant afternoon in the sun-filled woods with our friends! Thank you to Miss Sewell for organising our afternoon and to Mrs Elson and Mrs MacDonald for helping us.

On Thursday morning we had a practice of the songs for the Junior Production next week! The girls are really doing well learning the words and actions to many songs and dances!  We are really looking forward to showing you all next week! In Maths we discussed the words we might use to describe how tall someone is and how we can use different words to compare two heights or lengths.  We measured everybody and made a human height line of our class!  We used the wall to help us measure and then a metre ruler to measure our heights ensuring we used the correct unit of measurements when we recorded them.

In English we wrote some speech bubbles for the characters in our class book ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’ by David Axtell.  Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews asked us to write these all by ourselves which was very exciting!  The results were brilliant!

On Friday morning we were very excited to find ourselves in the hall with Nursery, Reception and Form II! We were able to get together to practice our songs and dances for the Junior Production.  The girls learned where they will be sitting, who they are sitting next to and when they need to stand up, sit down, be quiet and sing loudly! It required a lot of concentration!

We then had our yummy Friday Treat snack and had a lovely playtime in the sunshine! We had our weekly spelling test with lots of full marks this week! Well done! We will be sending home a sheet of suggestions for strategies for learning spellings.  Everyone is different and will learn their spellings in different ways so some of these ideas may help for the future!

Have a fantastic weekend! Girls, see if you can spot any spring bulbs shooting up through the soil!




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