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Reception News 14th January

14th January 22

Whoosh, wheee and wow!  These were all words to be heard in Reception this week as we went on the first of many magical adventures. After lunch on Monday there was a surprise waiting for us in the classroom. It was Mrs Johnstone’s very own Magic Carpet. We couldn’t quite believe our eyes. We all took our shoes off and climbed aboard. Once we were comfy Mrs Johnstone introduced us to the Magic Carpet and explained that it was powered by our imaginations.  We had to use our imaginations to make it fly but first we had to put on our seatbelts and learn the special words that instructed the Magic Carpet to take off and more importantly land!  We can’t tell you what these words are as they are top secret….. sshhhh.

After we had mastered both taking off and landing a few times we set off on our first adventure. We flew over the playground and waved to the big girls, we hovered outside Mr Sayers’ office and saw him talking on the telephone and we even flew over everybodies house and waved each time. Suddenly the Magic  Carpet told Mrs Johnstone that we were going to go somewhere special but first we had to put on some warm clothes. We magicked hats, scarves, gloves, wooly socks, snow boots, salopettes and warm coats as we were heading to the Arctic and the North Pole. We flew through the clouds and even tasted a few before hovering over the snow and ice of the Arctic. We spotted icebergs, polar bears, arctic foxes and rabbits. We even caught a glimpse of some reindeer and wondered if they belonged to Santa.  The weather suddenly closed in and Charlotte thought she heard some cracks in the ice so we pressed the speedy button and shot back to St Hilda’s. We remembered the instructions that we needed to use for the carpet to land safely and were back in the classroom without anyone else in the school even realising that we had left!  The Magic Carpet was thrilled to have had so many fabulous imaginations help him to fly.  We hope he comes back on another day to take us on a new adventure.

After our trip to such a cold place as the Arctic we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon making snowflake pictures.  We looked at images of snowflakes  We learnt that a snowflake begins to form when an extremely cold water droplet freezes in the sky. Each snowflake has six points or arms and all snowflakes are different.  We used paint, cotton wool buds and a bit of silver glitter to make some beautiful artwork.

During Maths we have played some great games. See if your daughter can show you how to play Fives and Tens, Teen numbers or Jumping Jacks! We have been using both dice and dominoes a lot this week to investigate how to make a number. We worked out that there are many ways of making each number. For example

3 and 2 go together to make 5

1 and 4 go together to make 5

5 and O go together to make

We had fun sorting the dominoes and matching them with the correct number cards.

We really enjoyed hearing all about Tilly the Tiger’s latest home visit. She had a wonderful time going to dance classes, drinking coffee, eating wraps and even a day out with Nanny in Windsor!

The girls have been  super busy using different styles of writing from Dictation and Handwriting to News and Story Writing.  Mrs Johnstone has been delighted to see how the girls have progressed both in their ability but also their confidence and self belief.  We often have a giggle if someone makes a mistake as we know that it is ok and a really important part of learning.

As always we have been busy during CHIL. Everything from pizza making, dusting  to diary writing !

Miss Smith came to do our computing lesson and brought the new ipads with her.  We had an ipad each and had a fun afternoon playing on some Maths City games on Purple Mash. We loved playing some In the Farm counting and matching games.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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