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Form I Weekly News 10th January

14th January 22

We’ve enjoyed another busy week in Form I!

In English, we loved listening to the story of Baby goes to Market. We thought it reminded us of Handa’s Surprise. We then wrote our own version of the story using 2Create in Purple Mash, trying so hard to remember the story with Mrs Bishop as our scribe. Can you recall the story at home?

In Mathematics, we recalled what ordinal numbers are and realised they tell us the position of things, such as the order of our lunch queue or the order of winners in a game. We watched a fun song where girls were queuing up for cakes in the Baker’s Shop. We then each got an ordinal number and quickly managed to get ourselves into the correct order.

In PSHCE, we thought out why we need rules in the world, our towns, schools and even our homes. We came up with lots of brilliant ideas, including we would get lost if we were out and about without rules, we might jump into a holly bush or play with bees and wasps! We decided that life would be very mess and crazy without rules. We watched a clip about a day in the life of a world without rules and chatted about how we would rather have simple rules than no rules! We recapped our rules of the classroom and talked about why we need them.

In Science, we tried to work out why Mrs Bishop had brought in a bag of objects. We made some sensible guesses, including ‘because they make a sound’ and ‘because they all feel different.’ We then realised that they were made of different materials and this was going to be our new Science topic! We named the materials each object was made from, including glass, ceramics, fabric, plastic, wood, metal and paper. We watched a clip about different materials around the house and why each material is special. We had some funny thoughts about what would happen if a teapot was made of chocolate or a window was made of paper! We then used our explorer hands and senses and touched, felt, peered at and thought of words to describe the objects from the bag.

Some of us were interested in how glass was made. We found this super Curious Cat clip which showed us how glass is made. Have a watch at home!

In French, we learnt a little more about France and Paris. We loved looking at all of the landmarks with Madame Knight.

On Tuesday, we quickly settled down to independently writing a few sentences about which materials toys on our table were made from.

In Mathematics, we loved learning about odd and even numbers. We discovered that even numbers can be shared evenly between two friends. Even numbers also appear in the two times table! We worked out all of the odd and even numbers in the 100 square and quickly realised that we can work out odd and even numbers of bigger numbers just by looking at the end number!

In Yoga, we stretched along with Jamie from Cosmic Kids and Joy Bob the Polar Bear.

In English, we enjoyed watching Baby goes to Market come to life on the smartboard and worked hard to recall what Mama said when she discovered the full basket!

We had a quick recap of the alternative y (‘ee’) sound before lunch and managed to think of so many words together.

In Art, we learnt how to weave with jute yarn. We tried really hard to go over and under as we moved along the loom. We will continue weaving next week!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed Puzzling Wednesday with our friends.

In Mathematics, we quickly revised all numbers up to 100. We then splatted a number from 0-100, working out how many tens and ones were in each number. We counted up to 100 in 10’s, but then realised we could count in tens from any number by moving down a row, ie 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63 and so on. We enjoyed timing ourselves playing a simple game where we had to add 10 to every number and challenged Mrs Bishop to beat our time. For once, Mrs Bishop won!

In Phonics, we learnt alternative sounds for ‘oa’ including ‘oe’ ‘magic o-e’ and ‘ow’ We sorted words according to which type of ‘oa’ sound they had in them and worked so hard at our dictation and phonics work in our Jolly Phonics books we all earned a House Point!

In Computing, Miss Smith taught us more about Coding and even introduced us to Algorithms. We pretended we were programming a robot to get dressed in the morning, remembering to put everything in the right order. We found it hilarious to think we might put our knickers on over our coats! Miss Smith also told us how things can sometimes go wrong and these are called Bugs. We had a go at programming a toy using coding, making the Bee Bots move forwards, backwards, right and left.

We enjoyed a little Focused Play with our friends in the afternoon, being engineers constructing models and writing super stories.

We have really enjoyed our STEM Show and Tell this week, with lots of interesting models and talks about the materials we have used to build them. We can’t wait to listen to more of them!

On Thursday morning we were delighted to welcome Evie back to the class!  We had a special Form 1 assembly with Mr Sayers all about new years resolutions! We all decided we would try our very best to be the kindest people we could possibly be!

In English Mrs Weir asked us to be very grown up and learn how to answer some comprehension questions how the older girls in the school do! Mrs Weir was astounded at how brilliantly the girls managed this and as a result we all had to give ourselves a pat on the back!!

In Maths we revisited the topic of coins.  The girls were able to show their understanding by making amounts up to 10p and 20p with a selection of coins.  We focussed on using the largest possible value coin to start with and then finding out how many variations we could make whilst still making the same amount!  Tomorrow we will be doing something similar but in pairs or individually!

In Geography in the afternoon we took another look at maps and we learned about the United Kingdom! We learned that the UK is split into four countries and also tried to learn about the capital cities in the UK!

On Friday morning we used the Ipads to practise making amounts of money with coins.  We used the value of coins to make amounts and then a mixture of values of coins to make amounts.  We used the website Top Marks and the game Toy Shop.  The girls may wish to continue playing this at home if possible.

We also found out that if you find each of the coins that we use in this country (minus the £2) and put them together pattern side up, that you can make the shield that is on the centre of the £1 coin!

In English after our spelling test, we learned about the new spelling rule ready for our test next week.  It is ‘magic e’ again but this time with ‘i’.  We then took a look at how to form captial letters and learned that all capital letters sit on the line when we are writing.  Mrs Weir heard some of us read while others relaxed for a little while in the library choosing books independently.

Mr Sayers came to see us again and told us that we had won the ‘Smartest Form’ cup! What a lovely start to the year!




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