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Form I Weekly News 5th January 2022

7th January 22

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!

We couldn’t wait to get back to school and quickly set to work writing a brief Holiday News in our Activity Books before Assembly.

In English, we tried so hard to listen carefully to our friends’ best bits of the holidays and recall them in a Speaking and Listening activity.

In Computing, we started learning about Coding with Miss Smith. We found out that we all use coding in school and at home, for example when playing computer games and using remote control toys. We went into the playground and followed instructions just like a robot!

In Phonics, we enjoyed working as a team to build a Toy puzzle and used phoneme frames to help us slow down with our segmenting of words. Now we are a little older, we are going to aim to hear all of the sounds in words! Have a go at home.

In PE, we learnt how to strike a ball with our hands and legs with Mrs Halliday. In French, we practised our numbers with Madame Knight and wished her a Happy Birthday in French!

In English on Thursday morning we had a wonderful time discussing our Christmas presents!  The girls were patient and waited for their turn and also listened carefully to each other when it wasn’t their turn to speak.  They were able to use clear voices and describe in quite a lot of detail about their favourite present.  After our discussion we wrote about our presents and drew and labelled a picture! What a busy morning!

In Geography in the afternoon the girls were delighted to learn about maps!  Mr Weir (unknowingly!) had lent us some OS Maps and we were fascinated to see how buildings and features within the environment we live in are depicted on a map!  The girls had a go at finding certain symbols on their maps and enjoyed hunting for rivers, places of worship, forests and motorways!

On Friday morning we began with some quickfire mental maths using the Ipads.  The girls loved doing this and lots of them told me that they had been practising at home! Hooray! After this we had our spelling test and looked at the spelling pattern for next week.  During our maths lesson we continued to learn about clocks.  We recapped our learning from last term and extended it by starting to learn to draw the hands on clocks for ‘o’clock’ times and some ‘half past’ times! So clever!

On Friday afternoon the girls had their Music and Drama lessons with Mrs Lipman and Miss O’Hare.  The girls have started to learn some songs and dances for the Junior Production coming up in February!

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!


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