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3D Shapes

7th January 22

Happy New Year to everyone!  We have really enjoyed seeing the girls back from their Christmas break this week.  They are fully recharged and ready for another packed term!
In Maths this week, Form II have been learning about 3d shapes.  We have revised the names of the shapes and begun to learn about the properties in more detail.  We enjoyed making 3d shapes using tiny sticks and Blu Tac.  We demonstrated super team work and sharing skills as we built the shapes in pairs.  We made a variety of shapes including cubes, cuboids, square based pyramids and triangular prisms.  We noted that it would not be possible to make a cone or a cylinder because the sticks we were using were straight and it would not be possible to make a curved edge with them.
We also enjoyed some matching games using shapes and sorting 3d shapes into groups, depending on their properties.
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