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Reception News 10th December

10th December 21

Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Collister were rather excited on Monday morning as all the girls were arriving at school with a bottle of something lovely!  They quickly realised that the girls were also dressed differently and that everyone was wearing a Christmas jumper or dress and bringing in a bottle for the bottle tombola.  So that was what all the bottles were for! The FOSH parents have been collecting all sorts of goodies and working terribly hard over the last few weeks as on Friday after school it was time for the Christmas Fair. We were dressed in our finest Christmas clothes and some of us even managed to pay a visit to Father Christmas in his Grotto!

In literacy this week we started by learning about the ‘ar’ sound. We managed to think of 13 words with an ‘ar’ sound in them.  These included star, farm, bar, bark, car, far, sharp and shark!  We also wrote the messages for our Christmas cards. Lara told us how to spell the word ‘my’ and Bethany helped us realise that when there is an ‘ee’ sound at the end of a word such as ‘happy’ and ‘family’ then we use a ‘y’!  We hope you are pleased with your cards when you receive them.

During dictation we wrote 4 sentences and illustrated them afterwards. We are all getting much better at remembering to leave finger spaces, hold our pencils properly and use both tall and short letters in our writing.  Some of the sentences are rather funny and make us giggle. We can’t wait until after Christmas as Mrs Johnstone says we are doing so well that we will be able to do some even longer sentences in our dictation books.Well done girls.

Miss Smith brought the ipads down for us to work on during Computing. We logged onto Purple Mash and had great fun decorating and designing Christmas jumpers, stockings and wrapping paper.  We also played a Nativity pairs game and had a great time trying to spot the characters from the Nativity.

We have been practising our dance moves during PE and playing lots of games such as Musical Bumps, Musical Statues, Fruit Salad and Rob the Nest. We will no doubt be putting these skills to use during our Christmas Party next week.

In Maths we have been busy matching shapes and remembering our number formation to help fill in the missing numbers. Mrs Johnstone kept forgetting which numbers came next or missing them out whenever she was writing them down but luckily we were there to help her and fill in the missing ones!  We used shapes that we had cut out to make some christmas pictures of Holly, Angels, Presents and Christmas Trees. We had to really concentrate and use positional language to work out and explain where each shape needed to be placed.

During Art we got out some toothbrushes and green paint. Did we use the paint to brush our teeth? NOOOOO of course we didn’t! Instead we used the tooth brushes like a paintbrushes to print some Christmas wreaths. We carefully filled the bristles of the toothbrush with green paint and then used a dabbing up and down movement to print patterns in a circle shape to represent the leaves on a Holly wreath. We used a small paintbrush and some red paint to add some berries.

We also have made a little present for our families that will be hidden inside our Christmas cards. We hope you like them!

We have had lots of rehearsals this week as we are  busy preparing for the Nativity during the school carol service next week.  On Tuesday Mrs Johnstone brought in some big boxes into the classroom and Reva guessed correctly that our Nativity costumes were in them.  WE had great fun trying them on.  We have Mary and Joseph, a donkey, the Angel Gabriel and a host of Angels, a Star, some shepherds and three very Wise Men! You’ll have to wait and see how magnificent we all look in our costumes.

On Friday we had a special delivery from the North Pole.  Mrs Holdstock from the Office came to the classroom with an anvelope addressed to us all. It was very cold to touch and had candy cane stickers on the front.  Mrs Johnstone opened it and we were so so soooooo excited to read that it was a letter from Santa Claus. He had received all of our letters an dwas so pleased with them and couldn’t believe how well they were written.  He told us to be kind, work hard and to make sure we have an early night on Christmas Eve!

Three of our lovely kitchen ladies are retiring at Christmas so we spent an afternoon making them cards to say a big thank to them and to tell them how much we will miss them.

These are our favourite foods that they have cooked and baked for us


Roast Dinner

Macaroni Cheese


Lemon Love cake

Chocolate Sponge and Chocolate sauce

We will really miss you Sharon, Sue and Doreen!

During our final assembly of the year we were very excited and pleased for ourselves and our friends in both Form I and Form II who received certificates for gymnastics and Heads Commendations from Mr Sayers.  We finished the assembly by dancing to the song ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’.  It was great fun and some of the teachers were doing very funny dancing!

Next week is only short but very busy with a pantomime, a party, a Christmas lunch and more.  Don’t forget that on the last day of term we need to be dropped off at the church and term ends at the end of the service.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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