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Nursery Weekly News 6th December 2021

10th December 21

We arrived at school today in our festive jumpers and we looked great! We began our morning like little elves making candy canes and stockings. We used our fine motor skills to peel stickers and decorate the stockings and carefully painted stripes on candy canes. Lots of us are now independently getting our name cards off our ‘Working Wall’ to write our names on our work. Well done Nursery! We also enjoyed Christmas playdough cutters and decorating our little tree. Great Busy Fingers Nursery!

We enjoyed a very chilly ChIL outside and were glad to get back in the warm for our snack time. After snack we took a few moments to look at Lauren’s Christmas tree that she decorated with Listening Lily. Can you spot Lily on the tree? Lily also shared some photos with us about her adventures with Spot riding her red bike. We love to talk and listen to our friend’s news so please keep sending lovely photos in. Great for our Communication and Language skills.

Our Christmas craft activity started today making wreaths for our front doors at home. We carefully stuck on holly leaves and red  berries. We coloured some of our own holly leaves too and then we tied a ribbon on. They look great!

In our adult-led activity time the Nursery children learnt their new sound ‘n’. We realised that ‘n’ is in lots of names. We spotted ‘n’ at the end of Lauren and Imogen and noticed two ‘n’s in the middle of Annabel and Pollyanna. We were very good at using the terms lower case and capital letter and describing the position of the letter ‘n’ in each name. We then listened to the story and learnt the song. After this we played a game on the smart board called Phoneme Pop. The sounds that we have learnt so far, ‘s, a, t, p, i, n’ came up on the board and when we heard the sound we had to pop the balloon. It was great fun. Even Mr Sayers had a trun!

The Pre-Nursery children shared a Christmas story and worked on their listening and understanding skills. They also played Kim’s game again as they enjoyed it so much last week.

We had a quick ChIL outside today as the weather was so bad and we all got a bit chilly quickly. We enjoyed a longer ChIL inside following our own fascinations and learning to share and play with our friends.

We continued our Christmas crafting on Wednesday morning making the stable scene in Bethlehem. We used lolly sticks and glue to make the wooden stable and then put the characters inside. We remembered some of the names of the characters, including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. We talked about the special star and the visitors who came bringing presents; there were the shepherds with their sheep and the three Kings. Finally we added some wool to our art for the hay that the animals ate.

We enjoyed lots of activities to strengthen our hands. Some of us used needles to sew wool around shapes, whilst others used matching mosaics and circle construction to make flowers and patterns.

It was a beautiful morning on Thursday and we had such a lovely time in outside ChIL. We enjoyed building blocks with our friends and kicking them down, We had a trip to the cinema to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and quite a few of us worked on our gross motor skills riding bikes, using the hoops and walking on stilts.

We enjoyed more Christmas craft using stickers and glitter to decorate Christmas trees. Some of us were able to use scissors to cut around our trees. We also worked hard on a new mosaic toy with very small pieces. We worked with friends to follow a pattern using the correct colour and shape beads. Great work!

We had a very special Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. We retold the story of ‘Cinderella’ using lots of props including a glass slipper, a bell. a triangle, a saucepan and spoon and lots more items from Mrs Lipman’s special bag. We really enjoyed acting out the story and had so much fun. Thank you Mrs Lipman for such exciting Music lessons.

Oh My! What a surprise we got when we arrived at Nursery today. Our Nativity scene was completely empty, where had all the characters gone? Peter Rabbit suggested that we searched the school for them. Before we left we thought about all the characters who were in the ‘First Christmas ‘s story. We remembered Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, the three Kings bringing gifts on their camels, the kind inn keeper and the shepherds with their sheep. We hunted high and low around the school and eventually found them all. We sat down in the outside classroom, counted the characters to make sure we had them all and then listened to the story once more to really understand why we celebrate Christmas.

Enjoy your weekends and we look forward to the last two days of Christmas Nursery next week.

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