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Reception News 3rd December

3rd December 21

We came to school under a flurry of frost and snow on Monday morning.  We arrived with rosy cheeks and wrapped up warmly wearing our hats and gloves.  We were all very excited to have seen some snow!

We have been working very hard on our independent writing. We are learning that we can put the sounds that we can hear together to make the words that we want to write. We are also learning that some of the words are spelt in a strange way, we call these tricky words and are beginning to use these in our writing too. Our favourite at the moment is ‘was’ and we have a little rhyme to help us remember how to read it and how to spell it!

In maths we have been looking at ordinal numbers. These numbers tell us what place something is in a line. We played lots of games trying to put our friends in the right order depending on which card they were holding .  We also used the toys and had to  ask our partner questions such as  ‘which bear is second in the line?’,  ‘where in the line is the yellow bear?’. We also used ordinal numbers each time we were lining up to work out our place in the line. We finished the week on Friday by doing some Christmas counting. We have been counting stockings, mince pies, crackers, candy canes and much more!

On Tuesday we wrapped up warm and headed out on an adventure.  We had received an invitation from Booktrust inviting us to go to our local library for a visit and Tuesday was the day! We set off with the help of Mr Hudson and Mrs Woodward and walked down to the library. Once we got there we met a lady called Deb.  She introduced us to a blue bear called Booktrust bear who sang us a welcome song.

Deb then read us lots of stories.  Some of them had actions and movements for us to join in with and some were very funny.  One of the books that Deb read  to us was called ‘I am a Tiger’ by Karl Newson and Ross Collins.  It was a funny story all about a mouse who thought he was a tiger! We were very excited to hear that Booktrust had sent us all a copy of this story to take home at the end of the day.

After listening to some stories we had some time to have a look around the library and read some books with our friends.

We finished our visit by listening to ‘I am a Tiger ‘ again before Deb very kindly gave us all a special library pencil to take home with us.  We all said a loud thank you before putting our coats back on ready to walk back to school.

On the way back to school we spotted some Christmas decorations so stopped to have a look!

During the afternoons we have been busy creating all sorts of Christmas art. We have made snowflakes, sprout pom poms, Rudolph paintings, glittery stars, stockings and much more. We have had to use all sorts of skills from cutting and folding to painting, sewing and sprinkling.

We have also enjoyed playing in our new role play area. We now have a Christmas Toy Shop  where we have been busy pricing, buying wrapping, choosing gifts and shopping!

Have a Jolly weekend everyone!

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