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Nursery Weekly News 3rd December 2021

3rd December 21

Gosh! What an exciting morning in Nursery. Not only was it our second week of Christmas activities but it had also snowed a little bit. After a frosty arrival at Nursery we settled down to some Chrismassy craft activities. We used our busy fingers to paint glue onto fir cones and decorate them in glitter. Lots of us enjoyed Christmas sticking, glueing and drawing.

The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed a lovely Christmas story during the Nursery French lesson and also played Christmas Kim’s game. The children enjoyed talking about all the different Christmas items on the tray and trying hard to remember which one had been taken away. Great memory skills Pre-Nursery.

After our snack today we had a Christmas singing session and enjoyed learning a few more songs and actions including a rousing rendition of ‘Five Mince Pies in a Bakers Shop’. We are getting really good at them and hope to share them with our families before Christmas.

After a chilly outdoor ChIL we chose the next person to open the advent calendar, read Spot’s news and checked how many happy balls we had received, 11 today, hooray!

The Christmas glitter was flowing on Tuesday morning in Nursery. We used some recycled CDs, glue and glitter to make some lovely decorations for our trees at home. We decorated the Nursery Christmas tree and enjoyed lots more mark-making and drawing in our newly extended writing area.

In phonics today the Nursery children learnt the new sound ‘i’. We found that capital ‘I’ is at the start of Imogen’s name and a few of us have lower case ‘i’ in the middles of our name. We listened to a funny story about Inky Mouse and we learnt how he got his name when he knocked the ink pot over. After learning the song and action we met our Inky Mouse puppet. He only talks in Sound Talk and he tried to see if any of us could listen to his sound talk and blend some sounds together. Inky put the tiles ‘s a t’, ‘p a t’ and ‘s i t’ together and demonstrated blending. A few of us had a good try at blending the sounds together and we earnt a few happy balls for our hard work.

The Pre-Nursery children were also working hard. They played a CD listening game with Mrs Phillips and showed great listening skills matching sounds on a CD to pictures on cards. The Pre-Nursery children were awarded three happy balls when they returned to Nursery. What a great morning’s work.

In ChIL we also worked hard writing inserts for our Christmas cards. Our families are going to love our funny cards.

There was also another reason for great excitement in Nursery today. Mrs Judd came in with a special letter for us. Guess who it was from? Yes, the big man himself, Father Christmas! Mrs Radgman read us the letter and we decided that we were going to be extra good so that Santa might bring us the presents we asked for. The Elves are already busy making them!

Nursery children had a great PE lesson today. We played a game taking it in turns to steal objects from a birds nest. We followed the rules of the game so well. We also learnt to kick a football on the side of our foot and pass it through a ‘gate’ to our friend on the other side. We had a challenge to see how many times we could do this, eleven was the highest. We finished our session playing Stuck in the Mud.

Nursery were so excited for their trip to the Library. We arrived at school for a quick Busy Fingers and then we got ready for our walk. We listened carefully to our teachers telling us how to keep ourselves safe on the way to the Library. We were all going to hold hands nicely, listen and look at the traffic so we could cross roads carefully and be polite at the Library. At the Library we met Debra who read us some stories. There was a great book about a Tiger and we joined in with lots of actions and answered lots of questions. We then chose a book that we could take home to share with our families. We took our tickets down to the machine with Debra and learnt how to take out a book. Before we left we all had a cuddle with Book Start bear, thanked Debra and sang our ‘Goodbye’ song to her. Debra was delighted with us. We then walked carefully back to school and lots of people along the way waved at us and told our teachers how well we were doing. Back at school we all put a Happy Ball in the happy box. Pre-Nursery also had a great morning and they all put a Happy Ball in too. What a fabulous morning Nursery.

We had such a lovely Busy Fingers this morning that we had an extra long one. We drew, played with playdough using tools to make our fingers strong, played with our Nativity scene and enjoyed a game called Phonic Fishing.

In our adult-led activity we sang all our Christmas songs and added actions. We are very good at singing them now. One of our songs is Five Mince Pies in a Bakers Shop. We found five pies and then had to order the numerals to match the five pies. We did so well! We then bought pies and explored take away and counting down.

During ChIL we continued to work on our Christmas cards for our families and worked really hard writing our names and other words if we could hear the phonic sounds in them.

We ended the morning singing songs about The Three Little Pigs with Mrs Lipman. We used some different instruments to make the sounds of the straw, wood and brick houses.

We had such fun in Busy Fingers on Friday. We chose boxes and wrapping paper and used our busy fingers to wrap them up and used the Selotape dispenser to fix the parcels. We then wrote our names on Christmas cards and used them to label our presents. We look forward to helping our families wrap up gifts for Christmas.

In our Welly Walk we thought about the song the Twelve Days of Christmas. We watched the song on the smart board and talked about all the items that we needed to find. Off we went after independently getting ourselves ready. We found all the clues after a big search around the school. Each time we found one we looked at the numeral and worked out which number was next. We then pretended to be lots of different characters from the song. We were 8 maids a milking, 7 geese a swimming, 10 lords a leaping and more. We loved singing the song and working hard on our number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Wishing you lovely weekends, all ready for more Christmas fun next week.

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