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Form I Weekly News November 29th

3rd December 21

Christmas festivities are continuing in Form I! In English, we loved listening to the beginning of Lucy and Tom’s Christmas and seeing them writing their Christmas cards. We thought about the reason people send each other Christmas cards and then wrote our own card insert.

In Mathematics, we recalled doubles and went on a hunt to find double sums and their answers.

In PSHCE, we passed a smile and then recalled the last time we felt nervous. We are becoming much more confident when talking about our emotions. Can you remember the last time you felt nervous?

In Science, we were so excited to learn we were baking gingerbread reindeers and decorating them later in the week. We stirred, tickled, dripped, cracked and whisked. We looked at solids like the butter and liquids like the egg and golden syrup and watched them change as part of the cooking process.

In ERIC Time, we were very excited to see so many Christmas stories in our book box. We were even more excited to see that we could read some of them all by ourselves. What exciting times girls!

On Tuesday, we loved thinking about everything we are looking forward to doing at Christmas. These included putting up the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, giving and opening presents, yummy food and much more!

In Mathematics, we recalled what a double is and passed a bag full of numerals around the ring. We pulled one out and turned it into a double. We then said the double sum and used different tools to work it out, including using our fingers, beads, cubes and jumping on the number line. We worked hard in our Maths books writing double sums and using the tools to work them out. We finished with a quick double number rhyme and game of Hit the Button. Mr Sayers was working with us and loved joining in with the game.

We needed a rest and relax after Mathematics, so we stretched out with Jamie from Cosmic Kids with a lovely Frozen Yoga. We concentrated for a full thirty minutes and felt so revived afterwards!

In English, we enjoyed listening to the reason Christians celebrate Christmas and writing our own version of the Nativity story.

In Art, we took time to design a special Christmas tree for our Christmas cards. We can’t wait to add them to a beautiful background and take them home.

We finished the day with a bit of festive little Lego building and practising our Nativity songs.

We went home extremely excited about the next day being the first of December!

Hooray! Wednesday was the finally the first of December. We loved colouring in number one on our advent calendars.

In Mathematics we were excited to see the link between doubling and halving. We played a game against our teachers, halving and doubling numbers around a board, using lots of different tools to help us. We won, again! Try to use halving at home with Mummy, sharing out food between the two of you.

In Computing, we enjoyed finishing our class books on the iPads with Miss Smith.

We loved finishing our gingerbread Christmas reindeers, icing them and adding details. We can’t wait to take them home to eat.

We enjoyed a little Christmas Focused Play in the afternoon, drawing our gingerbread men, using the iPads and role play.

We ended the day with one of our friends opening day one of our advent calendar and blowing out our advent candle. Happy first day of advent everyone!

On Thursday we had some exciting news! It was time to write Father Christmas’ address on an envelope (which we copied from the whiteboard – how very grown up!), pop a stamp on it, pop our letters to Father Christmas inside and walk to the post box to post our letters!!  This was a very exciting thing to do!! Every girl posted their own letter and made a wish as she did!

After break we had some maths.  We recapped what we had learned with Mrs Bishop earlier in the week on doubles and moved on to learning about how we can be very crafty with our knowledge of doubles! The girls learned to use ‘near doubles’ to make their simple addition skills even faster than they are already!

We then had a practise of our Christmas carols for the Nativity service and also began practising our words for narrating the Christmas story in the church service.  We used loud and clear voices to ensure Mrs Weir could hear us when she was sitting outside on the wall!

On Friday morning we used the Ipads to practise our number bonds and doubles again, ensuring we were accurate but also that we were getting faster too with all the practise! After this Mrs Russell came to hear some of us read and then we had our spelling test for the week.  Mrs Weir has been so impressed with how we have taken to learning these words over the term and also how the girls have got used to having a test!

In Maths Mrs Weir gave us a quickfire doubles and near doubles session.  As with number bonds, some girls are able to recite these answers immediately and others find it easier to use their fingers to support finding the answer.  Hopefully by the end of Form 1 everyone will be reciting number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and also then be able to use this knowledge to complete near double sums!

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you for our last full week of the year next week!



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