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Reception News 26th November

26th November 21

Ho Ho Ho Ho! Is that Jingle Bells that we can hear?

Christmas has begun here in Reception. We started the week by thinking about why we celebrate Christmas. We talked about the Christmas story and the Nativity. We had great fun acting out the story in preparation for when we take part in the Carol service at the end of term at St Nicholas’ Church. This then led to a chat about how we all celebrate at our homes and we began to talk about Father Christmas or Santa as some of us call him. The girls decided that it would be a good idea to write a Christmas letter suggesting one or two gifts that we would be happy to receive. After much discussion we thought that the best way for Santa to see our letters was to post them to him!

So, on Monday we set to work writing a letter each to Santa. We used our best handwriting and remembered to sound each word out and then leave a finger space before starting a new word. We thought of a couple of gifts we would love to open on Christmas morning. These included toy dogs and cats, a moving unicorn, a pen, some bedtime books, a disco light, some trains, chocolate, sweeties and much more! We also spent a long time designing and colouring a picture to decorate our letters. We loved our letters so much that Mrs Johnstone wanted to put them up on the wall in the classroom so we photocopied them so we could keep one and send one to Santa. We also thought that our families would be so impressed with our letters, so we have popped a copy into our book bags for you all to see too.

On Tuesday, we put all our letters into an envelope addressed to Santa and got ready to walk to the post box. It was rather chilly so we had to wrap up warm. We headed up the road until we found a red post-box and we wished our letters a safe journey to Santa’s workshop. We wonder if he will have the time to reply?

In Maths we have been looking at the words in between, less than and more than. We have been trying to order numbers and find the numbers that could come between other numbers. We played lots of games on the carpet trying to find more than and less than.

We enjoyed playing a game on the board where we had to count some different coloured bugs then wave our nets to catch them. Before we set them free we worked out whether there was more of one coloured bug than the other.

As usual we have been active both in the Outdoor classroom and during our PE lessons with Mrs Collister. We played a game called Bouncing beans. We had to listen to instructions and then do the correct action for the bean that Mrs Halliday called out. We were running beans, jumping beans, broad beans, chilli beans and baked beans!

We have had another creative week this week. We have used our green handprints that we made last week to each make little Christmas trees. We also tried to think of patterns with different colours of paint to decorate a piece of a whole class Christmas tree! We shall be adding details to these over the next few weeks.

After listening and acting out the story of Christmas we decided to paint our very own heavenly host of Angels. We had a search around and found some of Mrs Johnstone’s Granny’s old doilies which we cut up to use as wings for our Angels. You can see our Angels flying across our classroom!

We have also started to do a little bit of sewing. We each have two pieces of felt and we are learning to be careful with our needles as we sew the two pieces of felt together to make a stocking each! This might take us a couple of weeks but hopefully they’ll be finished ready to take home for Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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