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Nursery Weekly News 22nd November 2021

26th November 21

We had a very busy Busy Fingers this morning with some lovely interactive play. Lots of us played a Spotty Dog board game with Mrs Holdstock . We used a massive dice and enjoyed rolling it at speed and then counting the dots on it. We then found a card with the corresponding number of bones on. We had a great time! We also enjoyed drawing, construction, writing our names and lots more fun activities to make our fingers strong.

We began our Monday morning with a great French lesson. We were learning all about the names for colours in French. First we had to find objects around the classroom that were the colours that Madame Knight called out, ‘rouge’, ‘bleu’, ‘noir’ and many more. We were then all given a scarf of different colours and sang the rainbow song. As our colour was called out we waved our scarves in the air.

After a great ChIL in the outside classroom and a yummy snack our Fruit Monitor Pollyanna cut up the fruit and our ‘Green Monitor’ Alex took all the recycling to the bins. Great work Nursery.

On Friday we are going to go on a little walk to the post box to post a very special letter. Today we learnt all about what happens when we post a letter and we watched JoJo and Gran Gran. After the episode we answered lots of questions and our teachers were proud of our listening skills and language development.

In Busy Fingers we started on a surprise for our Mummies and Daddies for Christmas. They are going to love our surprise but we’re not giving any details away at the moment!

We were very excited to learn our 4th phonic sound this morning which was ‘p’. We listened to a story all about a little boy called Paul who was having a birthday party. He had a pink cake and had to puff all the candles out. We enjoyed practising puffing onto our finger. We learnt the action and song and spotted all the items in the story beginning with ‘p’. We then played Kim’s game. We had a tray of objects starting with all the letter sounds we have learnt so far, including a spider, a train, an apple, a starfish, a pen and lots more. Mrs Houten then covered the tray and removed an item and we had to remember which one was gone. We then sorted all the items onto corresponding letter tiles. Wow, what a busy lesson.

We enjoyed ChIL in the sunshine and then Pre-Nursery children enjoyed ChIL inside whilst Nursery children went for a great PE lesson with Mrs Halliday. We enjoyed more ball skills and chasing games in the autumn sunshine. We are very good at our spatial awareness and manage to avoid each other as we run around.

Today after PE Mrs Houten read us ‘The First Christmas’ story to begin all our Christmas activities. We enjoyed the story and we understood that the three wise men came to Bethlehem to give baby Jesus presents and that’s why we have give and receive presents on Christmas day.

We had a very Christmassy Wednesday beginning lots of exciting craft activities. With Mrs Malgraive we used Christmas stampers to decorate bags that we will use to take all our Christmas goodies home in. We then listened to a story called  ‘Dear Santa’ where a little boy wrote to Santa asking for a gift. We talked about the polite way to ask for something and thought about what we might like for Christmas. We’re going to be very good so hopefully Santa will come!

In our adult-led activity our teachers helped us to write letters to Santa. We thought about the polite way to ask for something and some of us wrote some words in the letter and lots of us wrote our names. Santa is going to love receiving these.

We enjoyed a great story time in the Library hearing a Christmas story about a very grumpy badger. It was a funny story and we enjoyed talking about it with our teachers. We also awarded Peter Rabbit and Spot and heard about Peter’s adventures with Pollyanna the day before. We look at Pollyanna’s photos on the smart board and heard all about Penny Popcorn’s achievements at puppy training classes.

When we arrived at Nursery this morning the Nursery classroom was decked with lots of Christmas decorations and we were so excited. Lots of us used our busy fingers to decorate our little Christmas tree with baubles, stars and snowflakes. Lots of us enjoyed Christmas sticking and drawing and we also continued on our special surprise for our families and made candy cane decorations.

In our adult-led activity we learnt a song and actions called ‘Here We Go Round the Christmas Tree’. After singing our song we had a present, a star and a bauble. Mrs Radgman gave us instructions and we had to see if we could listen to them, understand then and then follow them. We explored prepositions putting the objects under the tree, on top of the tree, beside the tree, behind the tree, a long way from the tree, near the tree and lots more. Our teachers were very pleased with our listening skills today.

We also learnt about a new reward system that we have in Nursery. When we do lovely, kind things and share, play and learn together nicely our teachers will ask us to put a ball in the ‘Happy Box’. If, however we are finding it hard to be kind or nice to our friends and we have been reminded of how to behave our teachers might put a ball in the ‘Sad Box’. Today we had 17 Happy Balls and zero Sad Balls. Great work Nursery. We also began our advent calendar today. Adam opened the first number 1 and underneath was Imogen’s photo so Imogen got a chocolate coin treat. All our friends will have a turn before Christmas.

We enjoyed a music lesson with Mrs Lipman exploring the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We added actions and percussion and really enjoyed this traditional tale’.

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s off to the post box we go! We wrapped up warm on Friday morning and after talking with our teachers about keeping safe on our little trip off we set for the post box. On the way we saw and recognised lots of numbers on peoples houses, we saw some fairy lights on trees in a garden, we saw a cat and a builder. Suddenly we spotted the red post box at the end of the road. When we got there we took it in turns to post our letters and we gave a big hooray as they sped off to the North Pole.

We were chilly when we got back so we enjoyed a warm indoor ChIL followed by a yummy snack and a Christmas story with Mrs Hughes. We sat and listened so well that Mrs Hughes awarded us a happy ball.

We hope that you all have lovely weekends and are ready for more Christmas fun next week!

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