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Form I Weekly News 22nd November

26th November 21

We are getting better and better at our letter formation on our laminated boards. Mrs Bishop, Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews know we will try our hardest to use the correct letter formation in our own work now!

In English, we discussed poems and what poetry is. We recalled that poems use words to describe something. We know they can rhyme but don’t have to. We also know that they can use repetition and rhythm. We liked listening to a poem about Autumn Time. We talked to our Talking Partners about everything we like about autumn and also everything that happens in the autumn time.

We wrote a poem together, culminating all of our ideas and then became poets to write our own poems about autumn.

In Mathematics, we recapped how to work out one less than a number using the 100 square. We enjoyed a quick autumn leaf number rhyme, recalling the subtraction sum and answer, before moving onto subtracting bigger numbers, using our fingers. Can you remember how to do it at home?

In PSHCE, we passed a smile before noticing that the emotion on our feelings chart had changed. It was ‘excited!’ We all recalled the last time we felt excited. One of our friends was very excited that very day, as it was her Birthday! We then talked about how we can notice how people are feeling even without words. This is called ‘body language’. Watch this little clip to remind you – We then used our body language to show different emotions and tried hard to work out how our friends were feeling.

In Science, we talked about the seasons and the seasonal changes that occur in each of them. We chatted to our Talking Partners about all of the things that take place in nature during the different seasons and went on to making a seasons wheel. We loved watching a year in nature played to Vivaldi. Have a look at home – Isn’t nature amazing?

In French, our Birthday girl game out her chocolates as snack in French! We then recapped the alphabet and tried to think of which French letter was at the beginning of our name.

On Tuesday, we decided to practise writing capital letters, because we have been using them to start all of our super sentences.

In Mathematics, we used our fingers to help us work out simple subtraction sums, for example 9-5= We noticed the bigger number is always at the beginning of the sum and this is the amount of fingers we need to put up.

In English, we practised reading our autumn poems with expression, intonation and projection. We gathered around for a poetry recital, enjoying each other’s hard work and then illustrated our poems.

In Art, we took time to paint stars to add to our Starry Night pictures. We mixed yellow and red paints to make orange for brighter stars as well as mixing white to make them paler.

We loved the story of Ella’s Night Lights and decided to add the fox from the story to our Starry Night work. It’s very difficult drawing foxes, but we tried so hard, sketching rough foxes first!

Wednesday was a busy day. We started trying to think of rhyming words for funny, joy, fairy and clock in our activity books.

In Mathematics, we recalled how to work out subtraction sums. We are becoming more confident using our fingers to help us. Mrs Bishop challenged us to a subtraction game. We have popped one into your book bags to play at home. We even won the game!

In Phonics, we learnt about yet another ‘ee’ sound ‘ea’. We are starting to remember if words have the ‘ee’ like a stretched tree or ‘ea’ like a cute ‘seal’!

In Computing, we enjoyed finishing our class books with Miss Smith using Purple Mash on the iPads.

The afternoon was a hive of activity with a little Focused Play, making story books, chicken remembrance books and fairy tales, lego models, role play and drawing, French with Madame Knight and Music with Mrs Lipman.

On Thursday we began writing our letters to Father Christmas! We learned how to write our own address at the top of the letters and then how to set the rest of the letter out.  We thought of a thoughtful first sentence to ask Father Christmas rather than charging headlong into our list of requests! We will be writing our letters onto some special paper tomorrow in our best handwriting and getting them ready to post by addressing envelopes and learning about the postal process.

In maths we continued with subtracting from 10 and also subtracting from 20.  This is much more tricky as we don’t have 20 fingers to count with unfortunately! The girls were very good at this and tried their very best! We then used our squared maths books to wrote some sums in like the older girls in the school do!  Mrs Weir was most impressed with our efforts of setting out the sums correctly and finding the correct answers!

In History we continued looking at Castles.  The girls were able to recall some of the keywords from last week and could give meaning to these too which Mrs Weir was very pleased about! Mrs Weir then set the girls a challenge of designing their own castle with battlements, a moat or a hill, arrow slits, a drawbridge and a portcullis! The results were spectacular!

On Friday morning the girls enjoyed numerous activities on the whiteboard during our maths lesson including a speedy game of Hit the Button.  There is definitely some improvement happening with the speed of knowing number bonds to 10, and also for some of the girls, to 20!  Brilliant!

The girls wrote their Father Christmas letters in their best handwriting this morning too! We think he will be very impressed with our neatness and letter formation! Hopefully we will be able to walk to the post box next week and post them!

In the afternoon we were able to spend some time during Focussed Play learning how to make paper snowflakes! The girls loved these and we now have quite a snowy scene on the windows (with plenty more to come I’m sure!).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you next week for more Christmas themed fun and learning!

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