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Reception News 19th November

19th November 21

This week started as a rather wet and drizzly week, but we didn’t mind as it gives us plenty of practice at trying to do up our zips on our coats. A couple of us find it a little hard to start the zip off but we are persevering. We are also trying our very best to change independently for PE. Keep practising those zips and buttons at home too girls and remember that you can do it if you keep trying!

We had some fabulous news on Monday morning as one of us has become a big sister. We heard everything about baby Nina. We have heard she is tiny, she sleeps, she cries, and she wears nappies!

We have been warming our fingers up before we do our writing. We hold our pencils in one hand and put our other hand behind our backs. We then try to walk our fingers up and down our pencils without dropping them!

We have started to write a sentence or two about our weekends using our growing knowledge of letters, sounds and tricky words. We also make sure that we illustrate our writing with a detailed picture that matches and adds more information to our writing. We were very excited to start a new lesson this week called ‘Dictation’. We had a new red book and we had to listen very carefully and try to write down the words that Mrs Johnstone called out. It was great fun, and we can’t wait to do it again! We have also been finding so many of our ‘Tricky words’ in our reading books, story books and on the board. They are everywhere and we are very pleased with ourselves when we spot one! During Busy Fingers some of us used the magnetic letters to try to write some of the words.

In Maths we have been practising our number formation and continuing to think about the concepts of ‘more than’ and ‘greater than’. We have played lots of games using number cards, dominoes, dice and much more to help us explore these concepts.

We have been exploring different textures and colours during the afternoons. This has involved us building with lego, choosing outfits that match for the teddy bears, hand printing and playing with the leaves outside.

During French we have been talking about our names and learning to say ‘Je m’appelle’.

One of our favourite places to go to in the classroom is the book corner. As our reading skills are developing every single day, we keep surprising ourselves with how many of our class library books we can read ourselves. We just love stories here in Reception.

We finished our week by celebrating and raising money for Children in Need. We all came to school dressed up in yellow, spotty and brightly coloured clothing. We decided that we would try to plan and design an obstacle course for us all to complete we did this on Thursday.

We thought of shooting goals, doing star jumps. bouncing on the space hopper, weaving between cones, balancing on the beam and much more. We all had a go at designing and labelling our ideas and explained them to the class.

We also played Pudsey says, matched the Pudsey spots, played Pudsey bingo, made Pudsey masks and decorated biscuits that we ate at Snack time! Thank you for all your kind donations.

We finished off our day by doing a Joe Wickes workout for Children in Need and then decorating some biscuits for our snack.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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