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Nursery Weekly News 15th November 2021

19th November 21

On Monday morning we began our morning working in two groups. Pre-Nursery went for a language development session with Mrs Radgman. Together they shared a story called ‘Sleep Tight Ginger Kitten’. We talked all about the story extending and scaffolding language. The Nursery children enjoyed a French lesson with Madame Knight. We worked again on our colour knowledge and learnt some new colour names in French. We also enjoyed counting in French and learning to say ‘bonjour’.

After snack today our ‘Green’ monitor took the plastic, paper and food waste to the recycling bins. Great work Nursery!

Before lunch we enjoyed some great ChIL time. Some of us enjoyed playing together in the friendship area using construction toys. We enjoyed using tweezers to pick up pasta and fill pots. It was tricky but we worked hard and soon we got the hang of it. We tried to colour match pegs to coloured wheels and used our strong hands to screw shaped nuts onto shaped screws.

Tuesday was a whirlwind of a day with so many exciting activities. We began our day with a great Busy Fingers activity using toothbrushes to rub ‘decay’ from teeth. We had to rub the toothbrush really hard and we could feel our muscles getting stronger.

In Phonics the Nursery children learnt new sound ‘t’. We listened to a story all about playing tennis and learnt the action to turn our heads back and forth as though we were watching tennis. We noticed that the capital ‘T’ and the lower case ‘t’ look different and we spotted them on the class name cards. We enjoyed singing the song together and then playing a game matching items to the three sounds that we have learnt so far, ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’.

After a fabulous Chil in the sunshine when we brushed enormous teeth drawn in chalk on the ground and played again in our Museum,  the Nursery children had a great PE lesson with Mrs Halliday. We warmed up our bodies stretching, jogging, star jumping and lots more actions before working together in pairs rolling balls to one another, catching and throwing and playing Stuck in the Mud. We followed instructions very well showing great listening skills.


At 12:00 the whole Nursery class went to lunch with Mrs Radgman before getting ready for our outing to the Dentist. We walked safely and carefully thinking  about crossing the road. At the Dentist we met Amit. He dressed some of us up as Dentists and talked to us about the clothes he wears, the equipment he uses and then how to look after our teeth. We learnt that 2 is a magic number. We visit the Dentist twice each year, we brush our teeth 2 times each day and we brush them for 2 minutes. We learnt such a lot and enjoyed our first trip out in our local community. Thank you to Mrs Collister from Reception who assisted us on our trip.

On Wednesday morning we continued our work on ‘Oral Hygiene’. We talked to our teachers about all we had learnt at the Dentist and then we each took it in turns to brush our own teeth, just like the Dentist told us. We made sure that we didn’t wet our toothbrush before we put the paste on, we remembered to do all our teeth, we brushed for two minutes while the sand in the timer went through and we spat all the toothpaste out but we didn’t rinse. Well remembered Nursery.


Later in the morning we went up to the Library for a lovely snuggle with our favourite toys and shared stories and rhymes with our teachers.

On Thursday we played a great game sorting food into ‘healthy’ and ‘treats’. The Dentist had told us that we mustn’t eat too many cakes, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks as they contain lots of sugar. These are for treats only. We were very clever at sorting the foods and our teachers were very impressed with us.

Later in the morning we shared a story called ‘Smile, Crocodile Smile’. The poor crocodile had so many teeth that he had to brush for ages, in fact it took him so long that he missed out on some fun with his friends. Our two minutes of brushing twice a day is easy in comparison.

Later we enjoyed another great Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. We have so much fun each week. Thank you Mrs Lipman.

Friday was a very exciting day as it was Children in Need Day. We all wore something spotty or yellow.

We started the day talking about togetherness – this year’s theme. The children were able to explain that togetherness was when you have someone who helps you or when you play with another boy or girl. We watched a video from Mr Tumble and Pudsey Bear to tell us more about togetherness.

Busy fingers saw us counting out pom pom spots to go on Pudsey Bear, adding spots to Pudsey’s bandana and playing Children in Need Bingo!

On our welly walk, we went hunting for Pudsey spots around the school grounds with our special Pudsey Bear ears on – we like to think that they helped us find all the spots Pudsey had hidden for us!

We had a special game of Pudsey Says (think Simon Says!) before a quick Children in Need disco dance-a-thon, before music with Mrs Lipman where we went on a Pudsey Bear Hunt before ending the day with a quick outdoor Chil followed by a special Pudsey Bear story!

Wow! We packed so many things into our morning I am sure all the children will sleep very well tonight!

On Friday afternoon we invited Reception to take part in a special Children in Need Joe Wicks workout. We answered all the questions correctly with our fitness moves and were very impressed with Lauren who knew the city that the Eiffel Tower is in, was Paris! Well done boys and girls you were great!

Have a great weekend girls and boys and we will see you on Monday.


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