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Form I Weekly News 15th November

19th November 21

On Monday, we came into school so quickly and sensibly and practised writing all of the letters of the alphabet, twice!

In English, we enjoyed sharing The Ugly Duckling story by Jonathon Allen. We looked at the route he took and worked with our talking partners to give him instructions on how to reach his Mummy. We worked so hard to write the instructions, using number words instead of numerals, remembering to use tricky words and punctuation!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed finding out about symmetry. Some of us had heard the word before, but we couldn’t explain what it was. We realised that when you draw a line in the middle of a shape, both sides are the same. We have seen symmetry in nature, for example butterflies, buildings, such as the Taj Mahal and even in some of the things we have learnt about in Form I, for example Rangoli patterns and prayer mats! We tried hard to add detail to faces, trying hard to keep them symmetrical.

In PE, we loved dancing with Mrs Halliday, moving as penguins and snowmen! We even had a chance to use symmetry in our movements.

In PSHCE, we started our circle time passing a smile around the circle. This made us instantly feel happier! We talked about different feelings. We really impressed Mrs Bishop with so many mature feeling words we could think of, including embarrassed, proud, jealous and exhausted.

We then looked at photographs of children showing different emotions. Mrs Bishop chose one feeling, ‘happy’ and we all spoke about a time when we felt happiness. Well done girls for showing emotional intelligence!

In Art, we loved hearing from one of our friends who had visited the Van Gogh exhibition at the weekend. We couldn’t believe that we were learning about a piece of art work by Vincent Van Gogh that very afternoon ‘Starry Night’.

We listened to the super story Katie and the Starry Night by James Mayhew and had a go at making the background for our own Starry Night inspired piece of art work, whilst listening to Starry, Starry Night by Don McLean!

On Tuesday when we arrived at school, we enjoyed painting our Mendhi hands, as well as decorating paper hands.

In Mathematics, we revised 3 dimensional shapes looking at their faces and edges. We loved looking at flat shapes coming to life in this clip – We enjoyed playing Shifting Shapes on, trying hard to work out which shape was behind the screen and then played Pinned on Me with a 3D shape behind our back. We had to give clues to our friends about the shapes, for example it has six square faces, it has 12 edges, it can be put in a drink! Have a go at home.

We then stretched our bodies with Jamie from Cosmic Kids and My Little Pony.

In English, we discussed how the Ugly Duckling was feeling. We realised that he might be feeling unloved, sad, lonely, anxious and unhappy. He may even have had low self-esteem! We decided to write little books with advice for him. We thought of brilliant motivational captions, including be brave, be strong, ignore other people, be patient and don’t be worried.

Just before lunch, we popped up into Form III to share our class book on never giving up, persevering and trying our best. Form III loved our Dear Fairy Godmother letters, offering advice to all of the characters. We ended the session teaching them a chant about never giving up! Well done girls, you spoke so clearly and confidently.


In Science, we learnt more about animals from hot and cold climates. We sorted animals depending on where they live. Have a look on the internet or in the library to see if you can find animals from different climates. We loved listening to The Ugly Five at the end of the day.

Wednesday was such a fun and busy day – No Pen Wednesday and Welly Wednesday!

We started the day finishing off our beautiful Van Gogh inspired backgrounds.

In Mathematics, we had a quick chat about 3D shapes and then turned into mice and crept around the school to see how many we could find. Due to the fact that we couldn’t use pens, we had to put on stickers on the shapes every time we found them. We loved visiting the Office, chatting with Mrs Delves and Mrs Fereday. We spotted Mrs Fereday’s sphere apple and Mrs Delves cylinder wipes! We crept upstairs, sneaking into the Staff Room, pretending to be teachers! We loved searching for 3D shapes in there. Mrs Bishop was surprised to see a new coffee machine with a cylinder milk frother and decided she’ll be visiting the Staff Room again!

We came came back and enjoyed using playdough to make 3D shapes.

In Computing, we took time to finish our class books with Miss Smith, taking photographs of our friends and writing about them.

In English, we enjoyed talking about our Fairy Tales from home. We worked in small groups, discussing the storylines and characters and why we like the books. We then voted for which one we wanted to hear and loved having Izzy’s story ‘The Ugly Duckling’ read by Miss Smith and ‘The Fairy tale Hairdresser and Little Red’ by Mrs Bishop.

Mrs Halliday was busy at the ISA Swimming Competition, so we enjoyed a little Focused Play instead – No pens allowed! We used the playdough and tools, iPads in our independent work, painting using our new colour mixing skills and the Role Play Area. What a busy session!

In French with Madame Knight we recalled the alphabet in French. We were so excited to play Madame Knight’s infamous counting game, but with the alphabet!

On Thursday morning the girls showed just how much they have improved with completing  a word search.  They are now beginning to add in their own words that they find! Fantatsic!

After a quick recap of the story of the Ugly Duckling the girls were challenged to write their own recount of the story.  Some found this quite difficult and so with a little help everyone was able to write at least a few sentences of the re-telling of the story.  Some girls were also able to add in their own twists on the story!

In maths the girls were looking at repeating patterns.  We found out that these could be with any objects, colours or shapes that we could find.  The girls made their own patterns using a variety of methods and were very proud of their achievements.  They also established that sometimes there could be more than one criteria for each individual piece of the pattern, e.g. a blue triangle.

In History in the afternoon we had a fun packed session learning about Castles! The girls were enthusiastic to learn about the vocabulary specific to castles and had a great try at labelling a castle with the correct words.

On Friday morning we began our learning immediately by using the iPads and playing Hit the Button.  We used this to practice our number bonds to 10/20.  Some girls are getting so much more confident at this now!

There was then a most exciting interlude! Mrs Weir announced that four more girls had achieved their Bronze Award for getting 25 House Points already this year! Amazing work girls! Keep it up!

Following this we listened to some more Traditional Tales and discussed the moral to each story.  The girls were brilliant in their spelling test and they are really getting into the routine of a test situation.  In Maths we continued talking about and making repeating patterns with varying degrees of difficulty. We enjoyed a relaxing time in the library practising our reading skills and seeing if we could read any of the words within the ‘grown up’ books in the library.  Its quite exciting when the girls can read words in books that they didn’t think they could or should be able to!


Have a super weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning fresh and ready for the new week!

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