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Florence Nightingale Day in Form II

19th November 21

On Thursday, we had a fantastic themed day in Form II.  We dressed up as Victorian children/nurses and took part in many fun activities to enhance our history learning on Florence Nightingale and the Victorian era.
The day started with a short interactive video exploring Florence Nightingale’s life.  We then made signs to go in a hospital, to instruct people how be clean and hygienic so as not to spread germs and disease. Florence’s work and ideas were key in this area and her teachings made such a difference to the lives of the patients in hospitals.  When her rules were followed regarding cleanliness and hygiene, patients were actually getting better and managing to leave hospital!  This was not the case before Florence was involved.
After playtime, we took part in some drill exercises outside.  ‘Miss’ was very impressed with the marching girls!  We then returned to a Victorian classroom and learnt all about how Victorian children were educated.  We were shocked to discover that most girls didn’t go to school because they were expected to get married and become a house wife.  How times have changed!
We practised our cursive handwriting on a Victorian Sampler sheet and then practised walking with books on our head to improve posture, just as girls would have done in Victorian times.  We then enjoyed making our own Cup and Ball toy, modelled on the wooden toys that Victorian children used to play with.
After lunch, we all channelled Florence Nightingale and had a go at using bandages on each other.  Some of us had a very neat technique, others got into a bit of a tangle!  All good fun!
We then came onto the main event of the day….Afternoon Tea!  We all helped to make cucumber sandwiches and enjoyed eating them along with some Fondant Fancies.  We also learnt that the Victoria Sponge was named after Queen Victoria.
What a busy, fun packed day!
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