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Reception News 12th November

12th November 21

It has been another busy and fun packed week here in Reception.
We began the week with some PE with Mrs Halliday. In PE we are learning to follow instructions and we became soldiers. We had to march, about turn, stand at ease and stand to attention!

This led to us talking in class about Remembrance Day. We decided to look at poppies and talk about how we wear them to remember people by. This led us to thinking about how we can help people and we all wrote a sentence or two saying what we could do. On Wednesday we talked again about poppies and how they are a sign a new growth and hope. We has a special Remembrance assembly on the tennis court with the rest of the school.

During Literacy we are continuing to consolidate, learn and use all of the sounds and letters that we have been working on since September both in our reading and writing. During our warm up each day we have been playing a game called switch the letter. Mrs Johnstone calls out a word such as ‘him’. We have to count out how many sounds we can hear by clapping our hands for each sound. We then draw in this case 3 lines for the 3 sounds on to our whiteboards. We then try to think of the beginning, middle and end sounds and write them on our boards to form the word ‘him’. Mrs Johnstone then says ‘what happens if you change the ‘i’ to an ‘a’ ? We make the word ‘ham’ and this continues. Today we ended up with the word ‘swam’! Maybe you could try to play this game at home.

We have been thinking about different words and their meanings in Maths. We are all very good at counting but sometimes have to listen very carefully to new words in our Maths lessons and try to work out what they actually mean. This week we have been thinking about the word ‘more’ and what it means. We have played games with dice, dominoes, number cards, counters, teddies and so much else. Sometimes we have been looking at piles or groups of objects and trying to estimate which group contains more. We could then work it out by actually counting how many objects there was in each group and recording the number. The group with the highest number was the group with more.
We also looked at what the concept of adding just one more meant.

We tried to use our number lines to help us with this concept.
In the afternoons we have been talking, acting and learning both about Diwali and Remembrance Day. On Monday we carefully folded a piece of card, cut out a flame shape and decorated it with some beads to make candle. During many celebrations candles are used as a celebration. We acted out the story of Rama and Sita and used the candles we had made as part of the story.

On Thursday we presented Mrs Goodwin with a book that we had made for her to say thank you for looking after us so well both in the dining room and playground each day. We all wrote a message and drew pictures for her to keep forever. She loved it so much that it made her cry some happy tears. We wish Mrs Goodwin all the luck in the world in her position at another school.

During Chil we played on the bikes and scooters, we threw balls through hoops and we even walked Maisie!

We even had time to do a couple of Go Noodle activities in the classroom. Our favourite one was all about a magical unicorn!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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