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Nursery Weekly News 8th November 2021

12th November 21

Monday morning arrived and we began the day with Busy Fingers. The children enjoyed lots of lovely activities. They are going to have such strong fingers. They were drawing monsters and pictures of their families and then writing their names with support. They practised holding scissors correctly whilst snipping straws, paper and playdough. Some children were building with the bricks and others were working hard to complete puzzles.

After we had finished Registration the Pre-Nursery children listened to ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ with Mrs Radgman. They were working hard on developing their communication and listening skills. They helped Mrs Radgman to tell the story and answered lots of questions. Finally they added musical accompaniment with the percussion instruments and acted out the story. Great work children.

The Nursery children welcomed Madame Knight with ‘Bonjour Madame Knight’. Today they learnt the French for red, yellow and blue. Madame Knight asked them to look around the classroom for objects that were ‘bleu’, ‘jaune’ and ‘rouge’. Finally they played a game where one child had to ask one of the other children if they were hiding an object. We had to reply with ‘oui’ or ‘non’. Merci Madame Knight. That was a fun lesson.

At the end of the morning we took some time to look at the half-term news. Emilia told us about her trip to London with her family and her visit to a restaurant called ‘Emilio’s’. Lauren showed us her autumn fun throwing leaves in the air and her amazing pumpkin calving. The children listened well and asked and answered questions. Great work and we’ll have more tomorrow.

We also thought about ‘Our Bodies’ and exercise. We warmed up to Sticky Kids and then tried lots of different movements to make our bodies strong. After our session we checked our hearts and our breath and noticed that they had become fast but were slowing down as we rested.

On Tuesday morning during Busy Fingers we thought about what fruits and vegetables were good for our bodies. We looked at the shapes, used fat crayons to form the shapes and then chose the correct colour paints to complete our paintings. We painted honeydew melon, satsumas, potatoes, apples and bananas. Lots of us also wrote our names on our work.

In our adult-led Phonics lesson we learnt our new sound ‘a’. We spotted that four of our friends in Nursery have their names beginning with capital ‘A’ and lots of us have lower case ‘a’ in our names. We listened to the story and pretended we were on a picnic which was spoilt by ants coming along to tickle us. We sang the song and joined in with the action. We also played a game finding items that began with our two Phonic sounds, ‘a’ and ‘s’. We found an abacus, an alligator, an apple, and for ‘s’ a spider, a spaceman, and a stapler. We matched the sound to the tile.

Mrs Halliday wasn’t able to take us for P.E. today but we had our lesson with our teachers. We warmed up our bodies and then we played catch with our teachers. We ran around hoops following instructions to return to them and copy an action, like twirling, hopping, jumping, balancing beanbags on our heads and feet. We had great fun in the autumn sunshine.

Wednesday arrived and we enjoyed a variety of different activities during Busy Fingers. We matched numeral to quantity attaching plastic paper clips to number cards, counting carefully as we joined them and more of us drew some of the vegetables and fruits that are good for our bodies.

In our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read ‘The Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson and the children enjoyed acting out the different parts of the story. They floated like paper blowing in the air, snapped like a crocodile and growled like a tiger until Alex snipped them all up with his pretend scissors.

We carefully looked at all of the features on the paper dolls faces and talked about the colour of eyes, lips, skin and hair. Then we used mirrors to look closely at our own faces. We noticed similarities and differences between our own face and the faces of our friends. The teachers were impressed by the clever language that we used. We heard ‘eyeball’, ‘eyebrows’ and ‘eyelashes’ and lots of other clever words. Finally after closely observing our faces we were able to draw them. We have worked so hard.


Later in the morning we had our first Numbers session and El Nombre showed us how to write numbers 1,2 and 3. We used a finger and wrote the different numbers in the air. Mrs Radgman asked the children to stand up if they were 2 or 3 or 4.

We finally ended a really busy morning with a visit to the library. We cuddled our toys while Mrs Houten read ‘Happy To Be Me’ by Emma Dodd. We continued to learn about the different parts of our face. Some children noticed that one of the characters was wearing a hearing aid and one was in a wheel chair so we took some time to talk about and celebrate the differences that make us all special.

On Thursday morning we continued working on our face drawings, looking carefully in mirrors before drawing our features using our shape knowledge. We also enjoyed building train tracks with our friends and using Magformers to make amazing constructions.

In our adult-led activity we thought about our bodies and how to exercise them. We warmed up and then checked our hearts and breathing, which were slow. We then enjoyed some Sticky Kids movement CDs and realised that our bodies had changed and our breathing was fast and our heart was pumping the blood around our bodies fast. We then had a cool down to relax our bodies and finally had a meditation CD to ensure that we were fully relaxed. Good listening and understanding Nursery.

We have been learning a lot about our environment in Nursery and today we began all our new recycling activities. Lauren, Alex and Arlo helped to wheel all the recycling to the bins using the trolley and enjoyed emptying them in. We are helping to look after our planet. Well done Nursery!

Gosh it was a very wet and windy day for a Welly Walk but nothing deters us from our outdoor learning! We got all wrapped up working as independently as we could putting on waterproof trouser, wellies, coats and then tried to pull up our hoods. We continued the work on ‘Our Bodies’ thinking about heathy fruits. We found different pictures of fruits in our outside environment. We found a mango, a pineapple, a guava, a passion fruit, an orange, a banana and an avocado. We settled down in the tree stump area where we found the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and a bag of numbers. Mrs Radgman read the story to us and we did some amazing take away counting as each piece of fruit was taken by an animal. We also matched the numeral to the number of items left. What a surprise we had at the end of the story when all the fruits were gone and the basket was filled with tangerines. Great work Nursery.

In our Music lesson we retold the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ adding percussion as we listened. We then sang a really funky song about a caterpillar who made lots of different movements. Thanks Mrs Lipman, we love Music lessons.

We also took some time today to talk about our visit to the Dentist next week. We are very excited to learn all about how to look after our teeth. We watched an episode of Topsy and Tim where they went to the dentist. It was interesting to hear all about what happens on a check-up at the dentist. We are ready to ask lots of questions next week on our visit.

We also celebrated some of our friends successes as they were presented with their ‘What’s Next’ step certificates. Well done Nursery for all your hard work this week.

Have restful weekends as we know lots of you are really tired.








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