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Form I Weekly News November 8th

12th November 21

On Monday, we enjoyed recalling our Weekend News independently in our Busy Books.

In English, we enjoyed sharing the story ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ by Micheal Rosen and Nick Sharratt.  All of the Fairy Tale characters have got problems, so they write to the Fairy Godmother for her help. She writes back with lots of different solutions. We enjoyed working with our talking partners to think of different advice to give each character.

In Mathematics, we recalled the days of the week and worked hard to order them on the Smartboard. Have a go at home here – You could dance along to the Days of the Week song here if you are feeling energetic!

In Science, we found out that we can sort animals in yet another way; By looking at their habitats. A habitat describes the environment where an animals lives. We talked about different habitats and talked about where they are around the world. We then sorted animals into different habitats and went on a habitat walk around St Hilda’s. We thought of lots of different animals which live in each habitat including the pond, hedgerows, flowerbeds and the wooded area.

We ended the day with Madame Knight teaching us how to say our age in French.

On Tuesday, we practised our alphabet letter formation when we first arrived.

In Mathematics, we recalled the months of the year by singing a song and adding dance moves. We had a look at the Birthday chart and worked out there are twelve months of the year, starting from January. We ordered the months of the year and stood behind our Birthday month. We then worked hard to order our own twelve months of the year.

We stretched out and relaxed afterwards with Popcorn the Dolphin and Jamie from Cosmic Kids.

In English, we made our own version of Dear Fairy godmother. We listened to a new version of the story with different problems and wrote back to the characters trying to help them. We decided we would share the book with Form III as it includes lots of problem solving which they had talked to us about recently!

In Art, we used all of our colour mixing knowledge to make our own paintings. We mixed secondary colours from the primary colours and made darker and lighter shades using black and white. The classroom was full of conversation about new colours, colour mixing and shades of colours. Well done girls! Why don’t you try some painting at home using just the primary colours – red, yellow, blue as well as black and white.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed playing Rolling in Treasure with our friends, collecting money as we went around the board and adding up the value of our coins afterwards.

We joined the rest of the school for a wet Remembrance Day Assembly. We listened carefully to Form VI read their poems and the trombone playing The Last Post.

In Mathematics, we found out that there are sixty minutes in one hour and sixty seconds in one minute! We had a think about all of the things we can do in one minute, including waving, brushing our hair, blinking, pouring a drink and writing one sentence. We decided to estimate how many times we could do star jumps, write our name, make sticks of ten cubes, sing Happy Birthday and much more. We then found out if we were correct. We were exhausted by the end!

In Computing, we loved working on our Class Book with Miss Smith and the IPads. We took photographs of our friends and wrote about them.

We ended Wednesday with four more of our friends receiving their bronze House Point badges. Super effort girls!

On Thursday morning after our bonfire night wordsearch, we had a lovely surprise of Hymn Practice in the hall with Mrs Lipman.  We were practising some hymns for the Nativity.  I expect we will hear a lot of these hymns over the next few weeks!

In our English lesson we told Mrs Weir all about the Fairy Godmother book we had been looking at during the week with Mrs Bishop.  The girls showed some good recall skills and were able to write some brilliant comprehension sentences independently!  They are really improving with constructing their own sentences and getting on independently!

In Maths we took a deep breath and tackled making time on clocks! We talked about what we need to call the different hands on a clock being the minute hand and the hour hand and the girls remembered using ‘anti-clockwise’ and ‘clockwise’ from before half term to describe how they were moving the hands around the clock face.  The girls were absolutely brilliant at making o’clock times and Mrs Weir and Mrs Matthews were absolutely delighted at how well the girls had done!  After this we went outside and played a game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’.

In History we found out about the story of Guy Fawkes and King James and how this story has made us have a celebration called Fireworks night or Bonfire night!

In RE we talked about the Jewish festival of light, Hannukah.  We learned about the celebration and the special rituals that occur.  We then made our own Menorah with 9 candles.

On Friday morning we continued with our handwriting practice.  The girls are working so hard to remember all the things that help us to achieve our best writing, how to sit on our chairs, not chatting to help us concentrate and holding our pencils correctly!

In maths we had another look at making different times on clocks and played an alternative version of What’s the time Mr Wolf using the clock to ‘say’ the time rather than our voices. We then were very sneaky and started to learn how to make half past times on the clock!  This is a very grown up thing to do and Mrs Weir was very impressed with how hard we were working at it!

Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week for more learning and fun!

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