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Nursery Weekly News 5th November 2021

5th November 21

Welcome back to the start of a very exciting half-term. Today we began our topic ‘Our Bodies’ by using scissors to cut out pictures of skeletons. We worked really hard trying to develop correct scissor holds and understanding how to use scissors safely. We talked about the different bones in our bodies and then tried to stick the pieces onto paper in the correct order to make a body. Great work! Please keep practising cutting at home Nursery.

We then split into two groups and some of us enjoyed a French lesson with Madame Knight whilst others enjoyed sharing a story and working on language development. In French we played a game working on our manners passing a toy to a friend and saying ‘merci’. We then counted to five in French. Aren’t we clever!

We had great fun in outside ChIL working on our ‘Trampoline Challenge’ to further develop our gross motor skills. We took turns to bounce and counted each jump using one-to-one correspondence. We used a timer to see how many we could do in the time. We are going to see who has done the most jumps by the end of the week. We also explored some giant pumpkins. Mrs Radgman cut them open with an enormous knife but we all stayed well back to remain safe. We then used magnifying glasses to look at the inside and then used spoons and our fingers to take out the seeds and count them. It was great fun feeling the different textures between our fingers.

Today was a very exciting day in Nursery as the Nursery children were having their first Jolly Phonics lesson. Prior to this we had an industrious Busy Fingers working on our fine motor skills using scissors to snip playdough, drawing pumpkins and adding our names to our work, making 3D models with boxes, paint and collage and using our vivid imaginations to make pictures with tap-a-shape.

Our Pre-Nursery friends went to share a ‘Doctor Maisy’ story with Mrs Houten and worked on our Communication and Language skills, listening well, taking turns to talk and trying to answer questions that Mrs Houten posed. The Nursery children watched a story all about letter ‘s’. We had to listen really hard to see if we could spot words in the story that began with ‘s’. We met Sam and Samson, who found a stick and then saw a spotty snake slithering in the grass. Wow what a lot of ‘s’ sounds. We then learnt the ‘s’ song and action. We then played a game finding items in a bag that began with ‘s’. We found scissors, a picture of Sarah on a star shape, a star fish, a sweetcorn toy, and lots more. We put them onto a ‘s’ letter tile and sand our ‘s’ song again. We had great fun and learnt a lot.

After a lovely ChIL in the sunshine the Nursery children had their PE lesson and the Pre-Nursery children enjoyed a ChIL inside with Mrs Houten working on their construction skills. The Nursery children listened well to Mrs Halliday’s instructions and ran around hoops and spots, freezing when she called out ‘freeze’, jumping in a hoop when she called out ‘hoop’ and onto a spot when she called out ‘spot’. We played catch with beanbags with our friends and used our bodies to make lost of different shapes. We love PE and our bodies are getting stronger all the time.

On Wednesday it was a topsy turvey day as we went straight to the Library for our stories with our toys. Mrs Houten read us the funny story ‘Alfie’s Feet’ and we enjoyed talking about our left and right feet. We then sang some lovely songs with actions.

In our adult-led activity we talked about all the different parts of our bodies. We were very clever and knew the words for wrists, chin, ankles, elbows and we also knew that within our bodies we had a skeleton made of bones which helped to support our bodies. Lots of us were able to tell our teachers how we kept our bodies strong. We suggested that we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and should do lots of exercise. Well done Nursery. We then followed a CD of action songs all about our bodies. The songs got faster and faster and we found it so funny!

We continued to explore our large pumpkins and we used knives safely to cut pieces of pumpkin.

On Thursday we were very excited to hear that two of our children had a special celebration. One of the children was celebrating her 4th birthday. Another one of our friends was celebrating Diwali and we had lots of glitter in Busy Fingers as we were making sparkly decorations.

In our adult led activity we read the story ‘Peppa Pig Celebrates Diwali’. One of the children told us about how she celebrates Diwali with her family and then we looked at lots of lovely Diwali decorations and learnt what a diya is. All of the children were very interested and the teachers were too. We learnt lots of interesting facts. Lily was so pleased at the children’s amazing listening that she gave them all a Listening Lily sticker. Thank you for the Diwali biscuits. They were a real treat.

Later in the morning Mrs Lipman came to Nursery and we enjoyed a music lesson on the theme of Sleeping Beauty. We danced and swayed to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty Waltz’. We also sang some new songs and learnt lots of actions. Mrs Lipman played her ukulele for us which was fun.

We were so looking forward to our Well Walk today. It’s our favourite activity each week. Before we left for our walk we learnt all about why we have a ‘Fireworks Night’. We learnt about some cheeky people who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London but luckily they were stopped in time. This was called the Gunpowder Plot. We then watched some fireworks in London on the smart board and a quick glimpse of Peppa Pig having some Bonfire Night fun. We also learnt how to stay safe around fireworks. Once we were ready for our walk we set off looking for numbered fireworks that Peter Rabbit had hidden. We tried to identify the number and then matched some actions to the numeral. We span five times like Catherine wheels and blasted off three times like rockets and lots more actions. Once all the numbers were found we sang ‘Thirteen Little Fireworks Sitting on a Wall’ and popped and whizzed off in twos during our song. We finished our session whizzing across the field like beautiful fireworks.

We hope that you enjoy some fireworks this weekend. Stay safe and see you all on Monday.

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