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Form I Weekly News 1st November 2021

5th November 21

We were delighted to see the girls after the half-term holiday. We enjoyed coming in through the Form I classroom door for the first time this academic year!

In English, we found out we were learning about Traditional Tales. We loved listening to ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’ by Eugene Trivizas. We worked with our talking partners to figure out what we thought was different about this version and the original version. We spotted the different good and bad characters were reversed. We noticed different characters were in the new version, including Rhino, Flamingo and Beaver. We noticed that the Big Bad Pig used different tools to try to ruin the Wolves’ houses, including a pneumatic drill, sledgehammer and dynamite! We had a vote at the end to find out which book we preferred and found out that eleven of us liked the new version ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’ and five of us liked the original version!

In Mathematics, we were learning about money. We looked at the shape and colour of the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. We matched the coins to their value. It would be really beneficial if the girls could have a purse with these coins at home to use in the local shops.

In PE, we enjoyed dancing with Mrs Halliday. In PSHCE, we discussed Firework’s Night coming up on Friday. We recalled the story of Guy Fawkes and how he had planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We talked about keeping safe on the 5th of November and can’t wait to watch fireworks with our friends and family.

In Science, we found out you can sort animals in a different way, by what they eat. We sorted animals into groups – herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and even made animal poo using salt dough, bits of pretend bone, seeds and leaves for each group of animals! You can watch this clip to remind you of the different groups at home –

On Tuesday, we were excited to see Mrs Matthews had brought the Poppy Day Charity box into the classroom. We gave money to charity and chose something special to take home.

We were lucky to have Mrs Sparkes, Jessica in From VI’s Mummy, to help with our reading. In Mathematics, we recalled the coins and played Quick Coins. We had to hold up coins of different values.

We ordered the coins from the smallest value to the largest value. We found that thinking how many penny sweets Mrs Bishop and Mrs Matthews could buy with each one really helped us! For example we could buy 20 sweets with the 20p, 100 sweets with the £1, 5 sweets with the 5p etc. We worked hard to order our own coins from the smallest value to the largest value.

After all that hard work, we stretched out our bodies and calmed our minds with Cracker the Dragon and Jamie on Cosmic Yoga.

In English, we enjoyed acting as the Big Bad Pig and Little Wolf from yesterday’s story. We tried to take on their character and then describe them using super descriptive words, for example mean, angry, unkind, helpful, caring and nice. We segmented the words for Mrs Bishop to write, remembering lots of our new rules including double sounds, alternative endings and magic e.  Phew! So much to remember.

We then wrote our own descriptions and did so well we all got a House Point for our efforts!


In Art, we loved finding out about how Hindus celebrate Diwali. Just like Firework’s Night, there is a reason why Diwali is celebrated. Can you remember the story of Rama and Sita? Have a look here if not –

We used modelling clay to make our own Mendhi hands, poking cocktail sticks into it, pencils and using butter knives to make imprints.

Wednesday was Puzzle Day. We enjoyed putting puzzles together with our friends.

In Mathematics, we loved playing Fast Fingers with the coins we have been learning about. We had to point to the coins we needed to make small amounts.

We then added up amounts of mixed coins and did really well to add up the value and not just the amount of coins. We used different strategies, including counting on in our heads, counting on our fingers and jumping along the number line.

In Computing, we started to make a class book using Purple Mash and Miss Smith.

In Phonics, we worked so hard with our dictation, letter formation and writing words using digraphs. We loved playing an alternative game of Magic e Bingo.

In PE, we enjoyed playing hockey for the first time with Mrs Halliday.

In French, we loved playing a colour and number game with Madame Knight.

To end Wednesday, one of our friends had earned 25 House Points and earned a Bronze Badge. What an achievement!

On Thursday morning we told Mrs Weir all about money! We impressed her with everything we had learned earlier in the week and then played ‘shops’ – finding the correct coins to match to an amount – using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins! We also had a go at recognising various coins, learning about their shapes – circle, dodecahedron and hexagon! We finished off with a game of coin bingo!

In English we are going to be really focussing on learning some ‘Tricky words’ this half term.  We started our English lesson reading them as a class and we have also added a new word to our wall today of ‘were’.  The girls have been working hard to use these tricky words in their comprehension writing and spelling them correctly using either the word wall or the Tricky word cards on the tables to help them.

In History this afternoon we learned all about passports! We had a good laugh at Mrs Weir’s old passports and those of her daughters! We looked at all the information on the passports and talked about why and when we have to use them! We then made our own passports but didn’t quite manage to keep a ‘serious’ face in the photos!!

In RE we continued learning about Diwali and saw how it is celebrated around the world using different types of light and colour.

On Friday morning we were lucky enough to be joined by Mrs Russell who has come to help us to learn our tricky words. Everyone had some time with Mrs Russell and her rainbow tricky words.  Thank you Mrs Russell for helping us!

In Maths we showed how much we had learned through the week about money and managed to start ‘giving change’ from 10p! There are so many processes in this work!  Mrs Weir was very impressed with us! Some of the girls suddenly realised that even though we were talking about money we could still use our knowledge of ‘bonds to 10’ to help us work out the correct change!

Mrs Weir was once again very impressed in our English lesson.  The girls had clearly been working very hard on their spellings over the holidays as there were some fantastic results!  We also took some time to look back at our work in our handwriting books and to be proud of how much our handwriting and letter formation has improved since the beginning of our time in Form 1!

Have a super weekend!

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