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Reception News 5th November

4th November 21

Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

We have come back to school with a definite, bang, sparkle, crackle, whizz, whee and pop this week. After a lovely Half Term break we have definitely been ready to work hard again at school.

In the afternoons, we have had great fun being creative and making many different Fireworks pictures. We used cotton buds with the tips dipped in paint, card and bright paper to make some fabulous firework pictures. We also got messy using straws, bath puffs, forks and paintbrushes to make as many different firework patterns as we could. We used some of the sand from the sandpit to create magical sensory firework pictures. The best bit was that we could keep changing the pictures just like at a real fireworks display!

We listened to and then acted out the story of Guy Fawkes. We learnt that there was a man called Guy Fawkes who didn’t like the King. We were very pleased to learn that King James I discovered the plot to try to get rid of him. A plot is a plan to do something secretly. His guards found the gunpowder that was hidden under the Houses of Parliament and saved the day. King James decided that every year on the 5th of November we would all remember the failure of the plot by having bonfires and setting off fireworks.

During circle time we discussed how to keep safe near fireworks and talked about how to look after animals as many animals are scared of the noise of fireworks.

During Literacy we have been re-capping all of the sounds we have been learning during phonics and looking at the Tricky words me, we and be. We are continuing to work hard at our pencil control and enjoyed doing our pencil exercises before we started to write. These help our fingers to become strong and flexible while we are holding our pencils to write.

In Maths we have been continuing to read and write our numbers. We have been doing different Maths activities each day that involve matching numbers, counting cubes, building number towers, rolling dice to match with a number card and much much more.

In French we played a game called ‘Jacques a dit’ it was just like Simon says except everything was in French!

Show and tell was great this week we had a unicorn, a pumpkin, a peacock feather, a husky dog, a dragon, a dog that could walk and bark and an orca!

While we were outside we scooped pumpkin seeds, climbed, balanced and played a game of Monkeys on the climbing Frame!

Finally Tilly the Snow Tiger is looking forward to her next adventure over the weekend!

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