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Reception News 15-10-21

15th October 21

It’s Harvest time!

If you have been lucky enough to pass by Reception this week, then you will no doubt have heard us Practising our songs for the Harvest Festival. We have practised using our loud but not shouty singing voices and putting actions to songs. Our favourite one is called the Seed Song and we particularly like singing and doing the actions to the words ‘Farmer Farmer sow your seed, up the field and down’.
On Thursday all our hard work paid off as we put on our blazers and walked down to St Nicks Church in Harpenden.

This was the first time we have been able to go to church since any of us have been at St Hilda’s, so it was very exciting. We learnt that the long wooden benches for us to sit on are called pews. We had to be very quiet and sit still while we listened and watched the big girls rehearse for the Harvest Festival.

Finally, it was our turn to stand at the front of the church and we all sang beautifully. We were very pleased to see many of our parents in the congregation at the real Harvest Festival on the Friday.

On Monday we started to think about our bodies. We drew around one of our friends and then labelled as many parts of the body as we could think of. During out CHIL we used lots of the Autumn treasures to represent different parts of the body and made an Autumn lady. She had leaves for her hair, twigs for her legs, pinecones for her feet and conkers for her tummy. Reva found a special stone to be her tummy button!

In Literacy we have been working on some of our double sounds. We have been writing, thinking of and reading words that contain the sounds ‘ai’, ‘oa’, ‘ie’, ‘ee’ and ‘or’.

In Maths we have been counting. We find it easier to count actual objects rather than sounds. We talked about this and thought it is because you can see and touch and object which makes it easier to count accurately. We have been playing all sorts of Maths games both on the board and at our tables.

We were also counting in our French lesson with Madame Knight. We played a game of counting up to 20 and the last girl standing was the winner!
During Art we each chose a fruit and thought really hard about both it’s shape and size. We painted large fruits to display in an autumn basket.

We have as usual had so much fun during our afternoon CHIL sessions. We have been building, climbing, jumping, painting, and so much more!

We finished the week by baking some cookies. We ate them for our afternoon snack as a celebration of all our hard work this half term!

Have a lovely Half Term holiday everyone.

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