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Nursery Weekly news 11th October 2021

15th October 21

We began the last week of our first half-term with a very industrious Buy Fingers. We played board games with Mrs Holdstock taking turns nicely and identifying colours and shapes and also counting the coloured counters . Lots of us are really showing an interest in mark-making. We drew pictures of our families and animals and some of us tried to draw the models that we built with construction toys. We used our busy fingers to scrub cars in a mini car wash.

After registration the Nursery class had French with Madame Knight and enjoyed lots of songs and games, recapping ‘non’ and ‘Oui’ from last week and continuing to learn numbers in French. We also played a game searching for toys in the classroom whilst our friends used ‘Non’ and ‘Oui’ to tell us if we were near or far away. The Pre-Nursery children enjoyed a Sticky Kids movement session with Mrs Radgman. We were ‘Marching Teddies’, sang ‘Let’s Go Walking’ and tried lots of different movements and lastly we were ‘Funky Monkeys’! We also shared the story ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’ and worked on learning new language.

We had so much fun in the autumn sunshine in ChIL sorting and counting conkers and fir cones, using hand held trampolines to bounce balls in the air counting along as we played and playing together with our friends in the sandpit hunting for teddy bears, and with dinosaurs.

On Tuesday morning we shared another favourite story ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum. We talked about the author and illustrator and then listened well to the story. Some of us are beginning to spot rhyming words and are getting good at answering the questions our teachers ask.

In our PE lesson we worked hard on our gross motor skills. We played a chasing game where we had to tag our friends, we threw beanbags into hoops and then jumped into hoops. We had such fun and our physical strength is improving all the time.

On Wednesday in our adult-led activity we enjoyed playing ring games. We sang together and played the games cooperatively. We listened to the words of the songs and followed the actions. When we sang ‘The Farmer’s In The Den’ we took turns nicely and understood if we didn’t get a turn to be a character. Our teachers were very proud of how sensible we are.

Today was Library day, a real favourite of ours. We enjoyed cuddling our toys in the Library whilst we listened to the story ‘Kipper’s Little Friend’. Afterwards we sang ‘Old Macdonald’, ‘Jelly on a Plate’ and ‘Tommy Thumb’.

On Thursday we were so excited for our Marble Jar Treat. After Busy Fingers we had a great Sticky Kids session thinking about how different animals move, we enjoyed a circle game and tried different movements whilst standing on the spot.

After ChIL the party began. We played some games, Musical Statues and Musical Bumps. We loved the games and followed the instructions really well. We then had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic at snack time and then Mrs Lipman came for a teddy bear themed Music lesson. We ended our treat with an episode of Percy the Park Keeper and The Little Princess. Well done Nursery for all your hard work this half-term!

Friday was the last day of our first half-term at Nursery. We were really excited for our Welly Walk. Today we were going on a colour hunt in our outside environment. Before we set off we thought about the colours in the rainbow and learnt the rainbow song. We counted seven colours but remembered that there were other colours including grey, black, white and brown. We set off around the school and found white petals, brown bark, grey slate, orange petals, a red bow, blue paper, yellow leaves, a brown stick and lots more. We had a great colour hunt! Perhaps you can try this at home?


We had a great Music lesson with Mrs Lipman all Halloween themed. We listened to a story with lots of different types of music. There was classical, rock and even a bit of Michael Jackson. We had great fun and listened to instructions well to move in certain ways.

We have had a super first half-term with all the children and we wish you a very happy and safe half-term holiday.

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