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Form I Weekly News 11th October

15th October 21

Arts & Crafts

On Monday, we were busy straight away, changing for PE later on in the day and practising forming our numbers correctly! Our teachers are starting to see the benefits of this already.

In English, we discussed Fairy Tales and Traditional Tales. We managed to think of so many things that Fairy Tales include, for example good and bad characters, openers including ‘Once upon a time’, magic spells, fantasy or pretend story lines, the number three and seven and many more. We found out about Hans Christian Anderson and The Grimm Brothers. Mrs Matthews had an amazing fact that the Frozen film has used the name Hans Christian Anderson hidden somewhere in the film. Next time you are watching, look out for it! We loved listening to ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Wash your Hair’ and joined in with the repeated refrains in the tale. Afterwards, we enjoyed five minutes ERIC reading a range of Traditional Tales with our friends.

In PSHCE, we discussed what we would do if we were with someone who had an accident, including checking if the area is safe. We talked about calling the Emergency Services, using 999 and what information we would need to tell them, for example our location address. We watched a Paramedic helping Gemma’s Nan, which you can watch here and talked about our own experiences. We were very interested in this discussion!

In Science, we learnt about different groups of animals, including reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. We learnt lots of exciting facts about them and enjoyed sorting our own animals into groups.

In French, we loved hearing some stories in French, including ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. We enjoyed playing a French counting game afterwards.

On Tuesday, we took time to draw beautiful pictures on our Smartest Giant postcards for our friends.

In Maths, we enjoyed playing ‘Today’s Number’ on the smartboard. You can have a go here We then used our super number formation to fill in missing number lines, remembering which way each numeral goes round.

After lots of hard work, we enjoyed a Halloween Cosmic Kids with Jamie and Ruby Broom. We know that some of us join in with Halloween festivities, but some don’t but we could all enjoy a yoga together.

In English, we took time to write our own versions of Rapunzel. We remembered so many teaching points, including writing from left to right, using finger spaces and full stops, remembering which sounds, digraphs and even trigraphs to use and what we actually want to write! Phew! Well done girls. We were really impressed with all of you.

In Art, we added trees to our beautiful autumn background and even a few sparkling golden autumn jewels!

On Wednesday, in Mathematics we enjoyed trying to beat our score when working out number bonds on Top Marks.

We then went onto working out addition problems and trying to colour in the matching number. Harder than it looks!

In Phonics, we learnt about Cheeky Magic e and how she can change the letter sound (phoneme) to it’s letter name (grapheme). We can see this in words such as hop to hope, mad to made, sid to side and cub to cube! Miss Smith was cheeky Magic e changing the phonemes to graphemes for us! We loved playing Magic e (also known as split digraph) Bingo. Alphablocks have a song which helps us to remember the Magic e rule. Have a look here

We were delighted to welcome some visitors to Form I. Form III came to share lots of things they had been learning to do with Growth Mindset. They have been reading ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ in class and had written their own stories. We loved listening to them.


Thank you girls, Miss Sewell and Miss Smith for sharing these with us. We have learnt a lot from you.


We had a busy afternoon with lots of lovely exercise in PE, number bingo in French and super singing with Mrs Lipman. We tried to put each other off singing the Harvest songs by distracting our friends, but nothing worked. Mrs Lipman said we were amazing!

What a busy Wednesday!

On Thursday morning we were very excited to put on our blazers and walk down to the church for a rehearsal of the Harvest Festival Service!  It was lovely to be inside the church and see in real life all of the parts of a church that we have been discussing in our RE lessons this half term.  We were quite shocked at how loud the organ was and enjoyed singing the songs we have been practising with Mrs Lipman.

On Thursday afternoon we talked about seasons and months of the year.  We sorted ourselves into groups according to our birthday months and then made a bar graph on Purple Mash on the Smart Board together.

On Friday we had another trip down to the church, walking with our partner and ensuring we were careful when crossing the roads.  We sang beautifully in the church and sat and listened very well!  When we returned to school we were delighted to find that we still had time to have our spelling test!  We also took a quick trip to the library and relaxed whilst reading some books of our choice.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some more singing with Mrs Lipman and some Drama with Miss O’Hare.  After this we had a very well deserved Golden Time for all of the incredible hard work we have done throughout the half term.

We wish you a wonderful half term break and we are already looking forward to hearing all your news when we return in two weeks time!




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