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Reception News 8th October

8th October 21

Yummy, yummy in my tummy! This week we have been talking all about food.

In Literacy, we have continued to work hard at our phonics and our writing. We are practising different sounds every day and putting them into words. We also work hard at our handwriting and letter formation every day. Did you know that when you are writing, you need to start your letters at the top except if you are writing an ’e’ or a ‘d’ which both start in the middle? We have been trying so hard to get our letters correct especially when we are writing our names on our work. Mrs Johnstone is very pleased with us!

We decided to use our phonic skills in our emergent writing to write about our favourite foods and to make menus for a café.

During Art, we used our scissor skills to cut out plate shapes. We talked about different foods that we love to eat. Lucy likes fish and chips; Lizzie likes wraps with chicken and avocado and Lara likes Noodles! We then used some very fine brushes to paint pictures of our favourite foods onto our plates.

We have been playing many different games during Maths. We often start by trying to find the ‘20 girl’. In this game, we have to be in a circle. Mrs Johnstone chooses someone to pat their head and say the number 1 then we work our way around the circle each patting our heads and saying the next number. The girl whose turn it is to say 20 is the 20 girl. Another game that we play is the 1,2,3 game. This game is all about listening, thinking and remembering. Each girl is given a number, which is either 1, 2 or 3. If Mrs Johnstone calls your number out you have to stand up. This week she tried to trick us by calling more than one number at a time but we were too quick for her! On Thursday, we had a visit from Princess Belle. She liked to dance up to us and give us each a number and we had to tell her which number came next or was one more.

We had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday. We went on our first Forest School trip to Hudnall Park. After lunch at school, we were very excited to put on our waterproof clothing and our wellies before getting on a big white coach. Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Collister wore their wellies too! We were all super excited as we set off.

After a little while, the coach stopped and we could see Miss Sewell waiting for us. We headed off towards the woods and on our way spotted a fluffy toy bear in the grass. There was a note next to him that said ‘Can you help?’. After reading the note, we realised that the bear was called Eric and he had lost all of his friends, so we told him not to worry, as we would help him look. So we set off at a fast pace and after rummaging through the undergrowth and looking in the branches we started to find lots of very small coloured toy bears. We collected them up and sorted them by colour onto a log.

Next, we all sat down in a Forest circle and learnt the rules of how to stay safe during Forest School. If we saw a picture of an owl on a tree we were not allowed to go past it; we could pick up sticks that were shorter than our arm; we looked at nettles and learnt not to touch them; if we heard the whistle blow 3 times we had to come back to the Forest circle and very importantly we had to have fun! We spent the rest of the afternoon having a wonderful time building houses and dens for the toy bears, making them food in the mud kitchen and exploring. Some of us got rather muddy collecting water and mud from the edge of the pond to cook with! After an amazing afternoon in the sunshine we left a trail of porridge oats by our bear houses just in case any real creatures wanted to sleep there that night before getting back on the coach to return to school.

The excitement continued into Thursday as at playtime our teachers suddenly appeared wearing different costumes. Mrs Johnstone was dressed as a Pirate and even had a moustache and Mrs Hughes was a Cowgirl wearing a pink cowgirl hat! When we got out to the field we spotted some of the other teachers were dressed up too! We particularly liked Mrs Stannard who was dressed as a unicorn. We soon learnt that the reason the teachers were in fancy dress was because they were about to run the daily mile and we were there to cheer them on! We enjoyed watching it so much that after playtime, we stayed behind with Nursery and Form I and we ran the mile ourselves. We had to keep running round and round the track but it was great fun but also tiring. We all had red faces and our hearts were beating faster at the finish line!

We finished the week by celebrating our Special Person Star of the Week. I wonder who was the lucky girl to take Tilly the Tiger home this week?

Have a lovely weekend girls!

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