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Nursery Weekly news 4th October 2021

8th October 21

On Monday morning we worked on our cutting skills in Busy Fingers. We tried to get a correct hold and then spent some time cutting different textures. We worked really hard and our teachers were proud of us. We also pretended to be aliens as we played with the space rocket and many of us enjoyed counting 1:1 correspondence with Mrs Houten.

In French we learnt the words ‘Non’ and ‘Oui’. We played a game using these words which was really fun. We then learnt to count to three in French. Mrs Radgman took the Pre-Nursery children for a rhyme time and story time. We sang and counted ‘Five currant buns in the bakers shop’. When all the buns were eaten we thought about how to cook more buns and we pretended to put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix it up and put it in the oven. Gosh they were yummy! We also shared the book ‘My Friend Bear’ and there was some lovely language used to describe what was happening and how the bear was feeling.

In ChIL lots of us visited the car wash and used our active arms to get the cars clean. Perhaps we can help our families wash their cars at the weekend! We also explored all the conkers that we had found at the weekend. We learnt that they grow on a Horse Chestnut tree and are attached with a stalk. The have green shells that are prickly and inside there is one or two shiny conkers. We then counted them, sorted them by size and some of us drew them.

We took some time after snack to look at some of the photos our families sent in. We listened well and some of us managed to ask a question. Great communication and language skills Nursery.

On Tuesday we worked hard again on our cutting skills snipping leaves. It is tricky but we are showing great perseverance. We also continued to work on our Maths skills, counting verbally as high as we could and trying to count objects tapping each one as we count. We also completed a huge number of different jigsaws working cooperatively with our friends. One of our friends enjoyed welcoming us at the door with Mrs Radgman and giving out our name cards. So thoughtful.

In our adult-led activity we worked on our listening skills again. Listening Lily had placed lots of objects in Mrs Radgman’s special tin. Mrs Radgman hid behind a unit in Nursery and we had to listen carefully to the sound that the object made. We guessed scissors snipping, a stapler putting staples in paper, a marble rolling, a shaker shaking, castanets clicking, and finally Mrs Radgman’s car keys jangling. What great listeners we are becoming.

In ChIL today we did some gardening planting Pansies in the wooden flower beds, We dug holes, chose our favourite colour to plant and then carefully popped it into the soil and pressed it in. Lastly we watered our plants.

In PE we worked hard using our bodies to try different movements. We rolled, jumped, hopped, walked along straight lines, did commando rolls and balanced along benches. We are getting so strong and our teachers are really pleased with us.

We were great at teamwork today. We made a train track together and built bridges with blocks for the trains to go under. Lots of us spent time drawing pictures for our families and popped then in envelopes to take home. We are also getting good at trying to write our own names. We enjoyed Lego with Mrs Woodward and made tall towers with Octogons.

In our adult-led activity we read the favourite story ‘Whatever Next’ . We all took a part in the story and acted it out using lots of props. We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we flew through space. Well done Nursery.

In outside ChIL we jumped up and down on bubble wrap to make our legs strong. We enjoyed the noise as it popped. It sounded like fireworks. We then used our busy fingers to pop it.

We had a great session in the Library with our toys sharing a number rhyming story and lots of number songs. We are really making progress learning to recognise numbers and count using our fingers.

We ended our morning looking at more photos of our families. There was lots of lovely language used, some great listening and a few boys and girls are now able to ask and answer questions.

Today we all came to school in our red tracksuits ready to run the daily mile. Before we got ready for that we had a great adult-led activity exploring numbers through song. We sang ‘Zoom, Zoom ,Zoom, we’re going to the Moon’ and used our fingers to count backwards from 10. We also identified the numerals to match the numbers. We then sang ’10 Little Bottles’ and ’10 Fat Sausages’ and again matched the numeral to our counting and used our fingers to take away as the bottles fell. Great work Nursery.

After a super outside Chil we went to the field to join our Reception and Form 1 friends for the Daily Mile. We ran around the track many times and then felt our hearts and noticed the changes to our body. We all got stickers for our amazing achievement.

We enjoyed another great Music lesson with Mrs Lipman all about space. We moved like astronauts whilst listening to David Bowie, ‘Major Tom’. We pretended to be aliens on the moon and did some crazy dancing to some great music.

We also worked hard in our indoor ChIL. We built amazing structures with our friends, we worked on our phonic recognition with Mrs Radgman and used pretty gems to count into pots.

Welly Walk day had arrived and we were so excited to use the parachute again. We found the parachute waiting for us on the field and we used our strong arms to make it wave like a calm sea and then a storm came and the waves got bigger and bigger. Mrs Matthews then hid some treasure under the sea and we took it in turns to listen for our names and then dived under the sea and hunted for the treasure. We then sang ‘When the parachute goes up stamp your feet, nod your head, wiggle your bottom, stand on one foot’, and lots more actions. We ended our session playing popcorn and tossed lots of balls, (popcorn) in our big parachute saucepan, until they all popped out. We then ran around collecting them. What fun, but wow we were tired.

We wish you all lovely weekends and look forward to an exciting last week of this half-term.










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