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Form I Weekly News October 4th

8th October 21

On Monday, we enjoyed writing our weekend news in our Activity Books. Mrs Bishop was so impressed with our efforts we each received a House Point. We all had fun weekends as we had lots of news to share, including trips to the Zoo to see baby Red Pandas, visits to the Natural History Museum, Rugby Festival, Cadbury’s World and playdates with our cousins. We are very lucky girls!

In English, we loved sharing the story of The Smartest Giant in Town. We looked at the front cover, blurb, title page, author and illustrator. We used our shared reading skills to read the book and even acted it out together. We decided to add musical instruments as percussion for the verse George the Giant sang. We did some amazing acting with super body language and had lots of fun together.

In Mathematics, we practised some quick counting in 1’s and 2’s using the 100 square. We then recapped how to write the numerals 0-10 using this fun song and took time to write our own numerals the correct way.

In Science, we loved moving on from learning about humans to animals. We learnt that we can sort animals into different groups, including mammals. We were fascinated by the fact that we are mammals and learnt lots of new and exciting facts about them, including that they give birth to live young, feed their babies with milk, have hair or fur and can live on land or sea. We tried hard to recall lots of facts.

On Tuesday, we thought of reasons why we love the season of Autumn and wrote them on leaves to add to our class wooden tree. We thought of super reasons, including the colours, conkers, acorns and the squirrels!

In Mathematics, we had a quick warm up by practising our number formation using new numeral whiteboards. We are trying hard to remember where to start each numeral and going around the correct way in our Maths work.

We then recapped ways to make 10 using our fingers. Can you remember which numbers go with 5, 9, 4 and 2?

We went on a hunt around the classroom looking for numeral acorns and number word leaves. We then matched them together. Five is still missing in the classroom somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled for it girls!

We worked hard so loved stretching our bodies to a very energetic yoga with Jamie on Cosmic Kids – We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

In English, we were delighted to find out that George the Giant had written a postcard to us about trying hard, never giving up, problem solving and being the best we can be! We found out this is called ‘Growth Mindset’.

We decided to send a postcard to a friend, thinking of reasons why they are a ‘smart’ member of Form I.

After lunch, we had a visit from the Nurse and were very brave having our Flu nasal spray.

In Art, we enjoyed mixing primary colours to make a beautiful autumnal scene covering the paper with paint. We will be adding to them next week.

Wednesday was Puzzle Wednesday instead of Board Game Wednesday. We loved puzzling with our friends.

In Mathematics, we loved playing Number Bond Bingo. Mrs Bishop pulled an acorn out the basket and we had to work out which number went with it to make 10. We are certainly getting better at working out which two numbers go together to make 10!

We then worked on our own to complete missing number sentences, for example:  3  +  ___  = 10. Can you work out the missing number?

In Phonics, we were lucky to have Mrs Matthews, Miss Smith and Mrs Bishop working with us. We learnt how two of the same letters together make just one sound, ie doll, hiss, buzz, kitten. We loved miming out words with the double letters and trying to work out what our friends were doing. We also worked really hard in our Jolly Phonics books with our dictation, letter formation, reading words and writing words.

We had such a fun afternoon at Forest School with Miss Sewell, Mrs Elson, Mr Garnett and Mrs Bishop. We went on a Bear Hunt, helping Eric to find his little bear friends. We then built houses for the bears, made food in the Mud Kitchen and even scattered porridge oats to leave a trail for the real bears when we went home. So much learning and fun took place!

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Daily Mile on Thursday! We counted our own laps and ran brilliantly! After this we impressed our teachers once again by reciting our poems!  We stood in front of the rest of the class and used clear, loud voices to share our poems.  We were able to recall the meaning of the word ‘projection’ too from our Drama lesson a couple of weeks ago! Fantastic!

In the afternoon we spent some time looking at pictures of our houses and comparing them with those of our friends.  We looked at how people lived in the past and the types of houses they lived in and what the differences are to our own homes.

On Friday morning the girls impressed Mrs Weir with the progress they had made with their handwriting.  They concentrated so well, sat in the correct positon and focussed really hard on forming the letters correctly and within the lines in our special handwriting books.  Great work girls!

In Maths we had a look at number bonds to 10 and sometimes 20.  We used a game called ‘Hit the Button’ to help us recall the number bond facts quickly.  The girls asked me to share a link with the parents so that they could have a go at home and get really fast at number bond to 10 recall!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




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