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Reception Weekly News 1st October 2021

1st October 21

We seem to have fitted even more into our week this week than last. I think it is because we are all getting used to our new routines and finding our way through the day more easily.

Monday started with a chat about everything we had done at the weekend. We heard all about Tilly the Snow Tiger’s adventures over the weekend. She had spent a lovely day at the zoo!

During Phonics and Handwriting this week we have been looking at the sounds g,o,u,l and the tricky words I and The. The girls have been so helpful and were even able to help Mrs Johnstone as she had a bit of a disaster (another one!). You would not believe it but she had forgotten how to write. Luckily, the girls were able to show her how to say a word, listen carefully to the sounds in each word and then spell the word out before writing it. We have been working ever so hard with our letter formation and our teachers can now read all of our names easily. We used these writing skills to make a book about our family and to write a sentence in our writing books.

In Reading, there have been many whoops, smiles and high fives as the girls are gaining in fluency and confidence in their abilities to sound out, blend, recognise and read words both on their own and in the context of a story. Keep up the hard work everyone!

Maths has seen us exploring both numbers and shape. We have been looking at 2D shapes . We can all recognise and name a square, a circle, a rectangle and a triangle. We are mostly able to describe some of the features of these shapes such as how many pointy corners, how many sides and if they are curved or straight. Our favourite game to play was one about shape monsters. These monsters only liked to eat the objects that were the same shape as themselves.

We have also been talking about shapes during PE and using our bodies to make different shapes. Mrs Halliday asked us to work in pairs to make a sequence using our bodies to make three different shapes. We had to hold each shape for the count of three and try to do it in unison with our partners.

On Thursday after we had been working really hard we had a treat of going upstairs to listen to a story in the school Library. We listened to a story called ‘Together We can’ by Caryl Hart. It was all about how to be a good friend and how working together as a team makes everyone feel happy. We decided it was rather like our Reception class!

During the afternoons, we have been busy with our teachers doing French, Music and Computing. We have also been feeling creative. On Monday, we listened to a story called ‘Bear Snores On’. It was a story full of different sounds. We played a game afterwards trying to think what noises we could make using our bodies! We thought of, clapping, teeth chattering, feet stamping, tummy grumbling, finger snapping and many more!

On Tuesday with Mrs Collister we used playdough to make handprints and then on Wednesday we made handprints using paint. On Friday, we were busy painting again. Mrs Hughes talked to us about what her house looked like and then we all painted a picture of our own houses. We tried to include details such as windows, doors, a roof and sometimes a chimney.

As always we have also been having great fun during CHIL!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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